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Engage and Grow

Bringing the colour back into the minds of employees and organisations

Traditional employee & leadership training is now proven to be OLD and SLOW (2016 Deloitte). There is now a much quicker and more powerful way to create organisational change. It’s called a ‘Group Activation System’. It is a weekly, facilitated group session that is customised for any business. This weekly session refreshes: 1) Systems, 2) Behaviours, and 3) Culture. We do this by offering 12 ‘Engagement Keys’ that are customised for the business within that session.

What is an ‘Engagement Key’? It’s an exercise to engage teams in a specific way. After the 12 session program we are doubling employee engagement levels, unearthing more leaders, improving productivity and profits, by neurologically activating and motivating the minds of all employees.

What is it?

  • Employee Engagement and Culture Program
  • 12 weeks in duration, 1 hour per week.
  • Designed to work directly with between 4 to 12 participants.
  • Positively impacts all clients and contractors.

Who is it for?

We help business coaches, business leaders, HR and L&D Managers create fully engaged employees in only a matter of weeks and months.

Who we work with? 

All business industries, small and large.

Call us on 0414 943 823 for more details on this program