10 Ways to be Strategic for Your Market

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The 10 by 10 marketing plan is exploring ten different avenues of advertising and marketing.  It is strategically targeting a variety of markets so that all of your “eggs” are not in one basket.  Ideally, you need to have your Marketing budget spread out enough so that if one form of advertising fails, your entire marketing plan does not fall apart.

A variety of mediums can include direct mail, radio, magazines, networking, and several could fall under the “internet umbrella”, which can be social media sites, or your own website. BNI is a great opportunity here in Perth for small business owners to maximize their revenue.  You can find your nearest BNI Chapter by clicking on the link: http://www.bni.com.au/chapters.asp

It is important to distinguish how to reach your target market in order to deliver your message.  In order to maximize your budget, you must research where your target market is, understand them, meaning what they read, what they listen to, where they mainly do business.

With the ten strategies that you decide on, they must all have a congruent message throughout. This message should be clear and concise, and it should define exactly what your product/service does and why they will benefit from using your services.

If you need assistance in defining your target market and the ten best mediums to reach them, contact amysalatenna@actioncoach.com to set up a meeting with me to discuss this further.

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