2014, what’s your goal?

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The New Year often brings a surge of energy, motivation and concentration for setting goals. As a business coach I often recommend that my clients identify the difference between their goals for the previous year and the following, what they want to improve on and what goal they missed for that year. Most importantly, what results do you want to change? Here are a few simple suggestions to significantly increase the achievement of your goals in 2014:

1. Tell your business coach about your goals, being held accountable for these set goals will significantly increase the likeliness of you achieving them, being held accountable makes all the difference in the world.

2. Allocate appropriate time to achieving these goals, don’t push yourself too much, but make sure you are put under a certain amount of pressure to insure you stay motivated and on task.

3. Every day is a new day; if one day is bad make sure the next is valuable to you and your business. Think about this, what it would be like if we brought the same commitment, energy, enthusiasm, vision and sense of purpose to each day that we bring into the New Year?

These are all simple steps to ensure you complete your set 2014 goals, however can often be missed by the most complex minds. It is important to take the little opportunities you are provided with which will lead you to achieving the big.

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