Monthly Archives: May 2015

How to Deal With Customer Complaints

It is predictable that if you’re in business, you have most likely received a disgruntled customer complaining about your product or service. Unfortunately, there is a saying that an unhappy customer tells on average 20 people about their poor experience. With regards to social media, an online complaint can reach hundreds, or even thousands in an instant. […]


5 Tips To Running A Successful Home Business

Technology has enabled many small business owners to work from home, which is great if want to save on transport costs, commute time and be accessible to your family. Whilst working from home provides a lot of positives there are also some definite negatives, with researchers finding small business owners are disposed to getting easily distracted and at […]


Increasing Motivation in The Workplace

Most business coaches would agree, if you want to improve productivity and performance in the workplace, it is vital that your staff need to be motivated to achieve and reach their goals. Any business that has an overall goal needs to involve their entire team. By doing so in turn, your staff works in a […]