Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Value of Preparing for the New Year.

Get started on your 2016 business year now! I know what you are thinking… It’s only October and we’re not even half way through the financial year yet, but coming into the new year unprepared can set you back in many different ways. Perth business coach, Suzzanne Laidlaw, vows for business plan’s to be the […]


Planning to Succeed

Plan to Succeed   With any venture you will take, it is going to be much more successful if you have planned it, correct? There is no exception to owning a business. Perth business coach, Suzzanne Laidlaw, has a whole workshop dedicated to businesses getting their own business plans done within a couple of sessions. […]


The Importance of Customer Relations

Suzzanne Laidlaw, Perth Business coach, always tells business owners that building a relationship with your customers is a lot more beneficial for their company than they may think. Suzzanne states, “Including a customer relationship management strategy in your business plan will help create a repeat of clientele and generate sales.” Suzzanne Laidlaw knows from experience […]