Business Planning

Suzzanne Laidlaw & Paul Roach Present
‘Planning For Business Success’

In this business planning workshop you will create a comprehensive and professional business plan.

Day 1 – Monday 9th August, 2021, 9am – 5pm
Day 2 – Tuesday 10th August 2021, 9am – 5pm

What to expect?

Writing a comprehensive business plan is the first step to achieving success and is one of the immediate ways we can help you to step up in your business. In our 2-day workshop, we will guide you to create a path from where you are now to where you want to be, whilst getting clear about your future direction and creating effective strategies in line with your goals to create the business of your dreams.

Watch Suzzanne’s Video for a quick summary of what we run through over the 2 days.

Find out what past attendees had to say:

The 7 Top Benefits of a Up-to-Date Business Plan are:
• Having a clear direction for your business (vision and mission)
• Setting benchmarks to track your performance
• Conducting a current industry analysis
• Reviewing your major competitors and developing strategies to come out on top
• Explore how to capitalise on your company’s strengths and mitigate weaknesses
• Develop a roadmap and schedule for achieving your goals and core business outcomes
• Create clear financial projections for the next five years so you can see exactly how you’ll reach success

>> Click here to see a Sample Business Plan (Full, 2-Day)

Or, to create your business plan online in your own time, visit Suzzanne’s ONLINE BUSINESS PLANNING COURSE.

Cost of workshop:

Your investment for our 2-day workshop will be $2,995 + GST (RRP $3,495 + GST; special price due to the impact of COVID-19), or speak to us about a payment plan if you require.

Your investment includes one or two seats in our workshop as we understand that if you have a business partner, it’s important to make key business decisions together.

This workshop will be held in a small boardroom environment at Kailis Bros, Leederville.

Why Suzzanne?

Suzzanne has been awarded global leader in business planning multiple years running, and has been recognised as one of Australia’s top business coaches. She has been nicknamed “The Business Planning Queen” by her colleagues, with her passion to support others to achieve their dreams through planning, and has recently published a book all about planning (‘What’s Your Plan?‘).

With her expertise in business coaching, Suzzanne mentors and holds others accountable to following through with their goals to reach their potential, and believes “It all starts with a plan”. If you’re looking for business and personal growth, Suzzanne can help you make a dramatic difference to your performance and profitability and transform your business for greater success.

Suzzanne Laidlaw combines her powerful business planning workshop with fellow ActionCOACH, Paul Roach, a business strategist and coach who has worked with hundreds of SMEs across many industries to supercharge their businesses. As a CPA qualified accountant and serial business owner himself, Paul is perfectly placed to educate, train, and develop businesses in the vital area of planning and implementation.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

Get everything out of your head and onto paper to fit all the jigsaw pieces of your business together – Under guidance of your business coach, you can build a comprehensive business plan, including strategies for improvement, financial projections, and other key areas expected in a business plan, which include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Overview
  • SWOT
  • Industry Analysis
  • Client Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Plan
  • Operations Plan
  • 5 Years Financial Plan
  • Appendix Information
  • Historical Financial Reports
  • Strategies for Improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, a business plan is a document that describes in detail how a business is going to achieve its goals. Covering the marketing, financial, sales and operational viewpoints of the business in line with the companies’ vision.

Yes, I would strongly encourage ALL businesses to have a comprehensive business plan. This is crucial to take their business from where it is now to where they want it to be.

When I am faced with this question from prospects or clients, I commonly ask them if they would build a house without a plan? Obviously not, and it is no different to a business. Find out about my next Business Planning Workshop here:

Learning from what has happened in the past, testing and measuring and looking into the future to identify your gaps and opportunities, I’d recommend spending at least one full day each quarter to reassess your overall business model and make sure you’re clear on your formula for success. If you don’t know what it is, it won’t happen. Find out about my next Business Planning Workshop here:

Our Business Plans include; Executive Summary, Business Overview, SWOT, Industry Analysis, Client Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Plan, Sales Plan, Operations Plan, 5 Years Financial Plan, Appendix Information, Historical Financial Reports and Strategies for Improvement. Find out about my next Business Planning Workshop here:

Through our Business Planning Workshop, you will have the ability to create a comprehensive business plan within two days. Find out about my next Business Planning Workshop here:

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