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Event Start Date: 3rd Aug 2021
Event End Date: 3rd Aug 2021
Venue: Zoom Webinar
Start Time: 11:00AM
End Time: 12:00PM
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Building Strong Relationships

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Boost Your Health By Improving Your Relationships

Did you know that people with strong social relationships are 50% less likely to die prematurely?

Also, research links higher rates of depression, decreased immune function, and increased blood pressure to a lack of social connections.

Even the harmful effects of stress can be negated by participating in caring relationships!

Having healthy, meaningful relationships are important to our personal growth and development as well as our mental and physical health. Throughout the day we may have to change relationship hats, however, at the heart of any relationship is communication. My goal is to share the importance of building strong relationships as well as the tools you need to succeed.

The What and What Not To Do In Relationships
Interpersonal relationship skills are necessary for all types of relationships from workplace acquaintances to more intimate romantic relationships. Needless to say, maintaining healthy relationships is important. Our first step is understanding the myths that surround the meaning of healthy relationships.
The following are common myths keeping people from building and maintaining strong relationships.

#1 Conflict in a relationship means the relationship isn’t healthy.
#2 A happy and fulfilling relationship requires having common interests.
#3 There is a certain criterion that all must follow to have a healthy relationship.
#4 If I’m with the right person, I won’t have to work that hard at it.
#5 For this relationship to work, the other person must change.

Update Your Interpersonal Skills Toolkit

Research links supportive and rewarding relationships to having better mental health and overall increased well being. Each person we come in contact with is an opportunity to help us grow. Some relationships are longer than others, but no less important on our journey.

Improving your interpersonal skills is just like improving any other skill, it takes practice! Some important keys to focus on include; showing appreciation for others, active listening, projecting positivity, and caring for others.

What to Expect from Our Time Together

  • I will share a number of tools you can use when initiating and maintaining strong relationships.
  • I will be explaining the truth behind these common relationship misconceptions!
Hope you can join my next free webinar.

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Hosted by:
Suzzanne Laidlaw
Business & Executive Coach


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