Global Award for Business Planning 2016

Suzzanne Laidlaw has returned from the ActionCOACH Global Conference in South Africa with the Global Award for Business Planning 2016, for the second year running.

Suzzanne’s job and passion is to help small, medium and large businesses to grow to their full potential. Suzzanne has a passion for helping people achieve their goals and has been mentoring small businesses and executive coaching for the past 10 years, holding business owners accountable to their goals and commitments. Suzzanne has coached hundreds of individuals to achieve great success.

With so many business owners going under, a lot of the research points to a lack of planning and education on the business owner’s part. Most business owners Suzzanne speaks to do not have a business plan, budget or marketing strategy and they commonly “wing it” from day to day, with hope and hard work being their main strategy.

Having a global leader in business planning within the local area is a huge advantage to businesses within the community. Suzzanne is passionate about business owners in her community taking charge of their own destiny and pro-actively panning where they want to take their business. Suzzanne runs two-day workshops where she takes local business owners by the hand through the process of creating their own ultimate business plan, which clarifies and makes a roadmap of their goals and objectives, resources management, and personal and business life quality.

Suzzanne is running her next two-day Business Planning Workshop on Friday, 9 September (with the second session on Friday, 16 September) in her office boardroom located at 9/49 Cedric Street, Stirling. See the full details of the Business Planning workshop at


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