How can you stand out in a crowd?

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Have you ever thought about what sets your business apart from other competitors in your field?

If you have never thought about what makes you unique – and how you are better and different from what the rest of the market has to offer… you’re going to always be stuck in a battle-field, trying desperately to stand out.

I urge you to dig deep, into your own expertise, or talk to your clients, and find out what’s unique about you…

What is special about your business that none of your competitors can say? Once you’ve found it, it should be included on your website and proposals, so you can authentically and honestly articulate what your customers will get from you that’s unique that nobody else can give.

Everyone has something about them that’s unique. You may not know it yet, but you can find it if you dig deep & ask the right people, the right questions…

If you’re struggling with this and wondering, “Well, I don’t know what my unique selling point is”, the best place to find out is from your clients, from the people who love you, from the people who do business with you…

Ask them,

“Why do you do business with me?”

“What’s so special about about doing business with me?

Why am I different from competitors??

“What do I do that really sets me apart?

And without too much effort, you’ll find out what’s special about you…

I’ve done this exercise many time with people and clients – who are your raving fans – They’ll be the first ones to put their hands up and say, “You’re amazing at customer service”, or “You just know this hands down better than anybody else… You’re such a specialist in your field, we cannot get such good quality and such great knowledge from anywhere else”

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So what sets you apart?…

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