How to overcome a dilemma

Do you ever have moral dilemmas or moral decisions to make?

I do, and I’ve had many over the years. I used to have the moral dilemma of “Do I go to work or do I go to the kids school assembly?” or “Do I go to work, am I well enough?” if I’m not feeling very well. Over the last few days I’ve had a bit of a moral dilemma, it wasn’t hard to make the decision, I just wanted to share how I made that decision because it used to be a challenge for me and now it’s not so much of a challenge.

The important thing was to get clear on what are my values, and my top values are my family and my health… business comes third.

My Mum’s been really ill and I was looking forward to my favourite week of the year, going to our regional conference and the Business Excellence Forum in the Gold Coast, and I had to pull the pin and decide not to go because my mum was more important and health and family come before business, and what would have been a hard decision once was not this time, because I just reverted back to “Ok, what’s my highest values?” and it wasn’t a hard decision to choose to be here to support my Mum while she’s in hospital recovering.

I hope that helps somebody else out there, have a great week.

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