Marketing to The Right Audience

As a business coach I recognise the importance of marketing, and with social media having an obvious impact on today’s society, feel the importance of maintaining an online profile. 

In saying that, I believe many Perth businesses are missing their target market while trying to generate leads, it is important to segment your demographic, realise your potential market, what it is you want to say to them and how you are going to say it.

Here are the questions as a Perth business coach, I asked to my clients and put forward to you:

  • Who are you marketing to?
  • Why are you marketing to them, do they want something specific from your business?
  • Are you trying to appeal to a larger demographic than you should be?
  • Are you marketing results measureable?
  • Are you converting the money and time you have spent on marketing to future prospects, leads and work for your Perth organisation?

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