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15th July 2020

Article on 50 So What, ‘6 Essential Questions to Help Build Your Resilience’

Reflecting on all the obstacles I’ve faced, there are six key things you should ask yourself to help build your resilience.

Find out what they are here:

I hope these strategies will help you to build resilience and smoothly navigate your own challenges.

13th July 2020

Article on 9Honey, ‘Wife Saved Husband From Freak Fire Accident’

My life experiences combined with over 25 years in key business management roles, I know what it takes to overcome adversity and function at the top level to achieve extraordinary results. One of my greatest achievements being my recently published book, ‘What’s Your Plan?’.

Read more about my story and how it lead me to write a Business Planning book here:

13th July 2020

Article on My Business, ‘The ABC’s of Successful Business Planning’

As we come out the other side of the COVID pandemic here in WA — it’s crucial for business owners to spend extra care in planning the future success of their business.

Read my full article on successful Business Planning here:

13th July 2020

Article on Kochies Business Builders, ‘3 Ways to Fill Your Cash Flow Gap’

Lack of cash is one of the biggest stressors for business owners; but at the end of the day, money is both a fact of business and a part of life.

Read the full article here:

19th July 2020

Guest Article on B&T Magazine, ‘The Key to Understanding Your Financials’

In this guest post, I argue that examining your competitors might be just as important for post COVID-19 success as examining your own…

Read the full article here:

16th July 2020

Channel 10 Morning Show with Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Sarah Harris and Joe Hildebrand

What a privilege to speak with Studio 10’s Sarah Harris, Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Joe Hildebrand to discuss how my husband and I came out the other side of an horrific accident and rebuilt our lives in pursuit of our dreams and goals.

Watch the full interview here:



9th July 2020

ABC Early Mornings with Barry Nicholls: ‘What’s your plan? How to recover when all seems lost’

Honoured to be a guest on ABC’s Early Mornings with Barry Nicholls to discuss my newly launched book ‘What’s Your Plan?’. In the interview we chat about the recovery from the tragedies live throws at us, resilience and how you can turn your life and business around.

Listen to the full interview here:

18th June 2020

Yahoo Finance Breakfast Club: ‘SURVIVAL MODE: How small business can come out the other side’

I was honoured to be asked by Sarah O’Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Finance ANZ, to be a guest speaker on their Breakfast Club to discuss ‘SURVIVAL MODE: How small business can come out the other side’.

Interviewed alongside the lovely Lisa Teh, Founder and Director of CODI Agency.

Through the interview we discussed the importance of planning and how people are planning differently coming out of COVID. I gave insight into some of the proven methodologies explored in my book ‘What’s Your Plan?’.

Watch the full interview here: Yahoo Finance Breakfast Club: Survival Mode

June 13th, 2019

Breakfast with Pablo, Spirit Radio 102.5

Pablo Miller, Spirit Radio 102.5, welcomes guest speaker Suzzanne Laidlaw to talk about her upcoming trip to Karratha, WA.

As Suzzanne heads north to escape the Perth winter, there’s no stopping her from spreading her business wisdom with the Karratha locals. WA small businesses  play a vital part in our community across the state, and Suzzanne wants to educate & inspire the wider community by helping them get clear on their vision and providing a simple but effective framework to step up in the new financial year. The aim is for attendees to walk away with the knowledge that they’re running their own business, rather than their business running them.

“Your why is paramount”, Laidlaw says, “It’s important to get clear on the vision of what you want your business to look like… What is the best version of your business? When you’re clear on that, then you can figure out what you need to do to proactively get there.”

Suzzanne continues, “You don’t need to just accept things how they are. It doesn’t have to be like that. You simply need to draw on inspiration from the picture of success to then step far beyond what you ever thought was possible in the first place. Whether it’s a business or personal goal, it’s about having a clear vision and then planning, setting targets, testing & measuring, and continually working towards those goals so you can change the future and make it better.”

Suzzanne is hosting a public community Sundowner event on Monday 17 June at 5.30pm at local café Empire6714.
For bookings and information, visit

March 25th, 2019

How does exercise impact educational performance?

I have always believed that exercise plays a huge part in maintaining mental strength as well as physical health, and this has been backed up by professionals many times over.
If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur and lacking the ability to maintain optimum brain function – which may include lack of motivation, or difficulties focusing or concentrating – consider implementing a consistent exercise routine to help your business thrive.
Benefits include:
– Boosting your mood
– Improving your memory function
– Protecting the brain against disease
Read my comments here, published by Inspire Sport, or copy the below into your browser:
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