Business Growth In Challenging Times

Join Suzzanne Laidlaw, Business & Executive Coach, and Lisa Evans from Speaking Savvy, to hear them discuss all things business.

In this episode of Business Chat, Suzzanne discusses her practical tips for growing a business in difficult times, and explains what sets apart those who succeed and how you can change your perspective to build a great business and live an amazing life.

               “When faced with adversity, you can either stay down or use it as an opportunity
                to grow and flourish.”

Tune in to hear Suzzanne talk about:

  • Her life changing events and the process of healing from them,
  • The importance of your ‘why’ and how it will motivate you further,
  • Putting yourself first and being the best asset of your business,
  • Being productive and eliminating self-destructive thoughts and habits,
  • Gaining clarity on goals and dreams for the future,
  • Defining your success, and
  • Planning proactively for the future in uncertain times.

You can listen to the full episode here.

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