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“Success is a journey not a destination”

Suzzanne is truly a testimony to this sentiment as she inspires and engages others with her positive, fun loving personality. Drawing strength from a solid background of over 25 years’ experience in key business management roles and business mentoring, she now coaches others to realise their dreams and live to the fullest of their own potential.

Author of ‘What’s Your Plan?’, Suzzanne has faced and overcome adversity and knows what it takes to surmount challenges and achieve extraordinary results.

Why Suzzanne?

Business aside, Suzzanne’s personal story is inspirational. She rescued her husband from a burning house fire and watched him die in ICU. He was revived, they had a family and some years later, as a mum of young kids, a medical diagnosis gave her five years to live. Since then she’s travelled the world and home schooled her children, lost everything financially, built it up again, and competed for Australia in sporting events. As stated by Tracey Vo from ABC Radio ‘her attitude should be bottled!’.

If you’re interested in finding out more about her story, you can buy a copy of her book here> ‘What’s Your Plan?’

You can view or listen to Suzanne speak with various media personalities here > Media Newsroom

Both Suzzanne’s professional and personal life experiences allow her to motivate and inspire people as a key note speaker. She has spoken for a huge array of organisations including BankWest, Edith Cowan University, Joondalup Learning Precinct, Women of the West plus many more not-for-profit organisations and companies covering various topics, ranging from ‘Empowering Women in Business’ to ‘Planning for Success’. See below for a list of some of Suzzanne’s motivational and keynote speaking presentations.


‘Planning for Success’
A part of Bankwest’s Connect Series, Suzzanne shared the importance of business planning, what information these should include and why it is so important to continue refreshing and referencing your plan!

Edith Cowan University, Women’s Business
‘Success is a journey, not a destination’
A part of a monthly group supporting health and wellness goals, learning new practical skills and sharing experiences, Suzzanne’s focused on goal getting as opposed to goal setting, providing practical steps on how to achieve what you really want in life and fun along the way.

ActionCOACH Asia Pacific Coach Conference
‘Planning Club’
This presentation aimed to inspire the audience to plan their own business better through ActionCOACH’s Business Planning Workshop.

Women4Women High Tea, hosted by Opportunity International
‘Empowering Women in Business’
Suzzanne’s ambassadorship with Opportunity International aligns with her plight to create world abundance through business re-education. “I love the theme of International Women’s Day this year, it truly reflects the essence of what Opportunity International makes available for women.”

Business Women Australia
‘How to Engage a Team’
With over a decade of business coaching, Suzzanne has seen first-hand the dramatic impact that the ‘team’ has on business success. Disengaged employees impacts not only the business owner but the whole team. This presentation gave the audience an insight into how they could transform disengaged employees into fully engaged leaders to create a high energy work environment.

Women4Women Speaker Series, hosted by Opportunity International
‘Transforming Disengagement into Purpose’
Suzzanne explored how to motivate and empower people to move outside their comfort zone and take their performance and engagement to the next level. Focused on giving employees meaning, impact and purpose, aimed to create harmonious, effective working environments.

Integral Women in Leadership
‘Seven Daily Top Tips by Suzzanne Laidlaw’
Through life, Suzzanne found a passion in helping others to achieve their personal best and their business best. For this Melbourne Cup Breakfast Event Suzzanne explored her ‘Seven Daily Top Tips’ that have helped her on her journey of life.

District 32
‘Converting Prospects into Raving Fans’
Suzzanne ran this business education workshop focused on ‘Making the Sale’ and goal setting.

Joondalup Business Association
‘#Press for Progress’
This international Woman’s Day sundowner had a focus on gender equality, women and work. As an Opportunity International ambassador, Suzzanne is proud to help women to have an equal opportunity to break the poverty cycle and create a better future.

Women of the West
‘Formula for Success’
Suzzanne was a keynote speaker for the Women of the West ‘Leadership Experience’, focused on dreams, visions, plans and action. “Suzzanne was really informative, content was very good, applicable and well presented. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s masterclass and will take a lot out of it to apply not only to work but also my personal live. It was one of the few training days I have been to and not fallen asleep due to the presenters and activities”.

WA Leaders
‘How To Make Every Employee A Profit Centre For Your Business’
As an industry expert for WA leaders, Suzzanne discussed the importance of building multiple and meaningful relationships in an organisation to build a strong and united culture. With alarming statistics about the level of disengagement in the workforce, Suzzanne aims to educate others on what can be done in their business to get their team members on the same page and loving what they do. After all, a happy workplace is a productive one!

Joondalup Learning Precinct
‘Wheel of Life’
Suzzanne guided members of the JLP through how to set SMART goals, manage their mindset, behaviors, and workplace relationships through goal-setting. Through the initial workshop and subsequent follow-up discussions, Suzzanne helped the team to successfully set & achieve their goals through a series of interactive activities and a reality adjustment exercise, thus inevitably building them to be stand out leaders in their field.

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