Business Coaching

For most business owners, One on One business coaching is the best way for them to achieve their business goals.
Suzzanne works within a structure, and can adapt to coaching any individual.

Imagine having someone oversee every step of your your vital business operations and decisions.

By having a coach, you’ll have your own Business Management Consultant to hold you accountable and keep you on track.


What does a business coach do?

For one client this might mean giving them a hug, and for another, it may mean pushing them just that little bit further than they thought possible. Suzzanne provides every single business coaching client with a fair and honest perspective on their situation.

“This is the real value behind a business coach, especially someone like Suzzanne Laidlaw with her wealth of mentoring experience.”

What she looks for in a client, is a business owner who will follow through and constantly strive for greater success. One on One business coaching is best suited to businesses that have been established for at least two years, and are turning over at least $450,000 annually. However we are happy to discuss your individual situation and what sort of return on investment you can expect to get from coaching.


Suzzanne will assist you with the strategic design and implementation of material in the following areas;

  • Time Management – Assessing your role in the business, implementing delegation strategies and developing a default diary.
  • Systems – Development of a company operations manual that includes flowcharts, checklists, scripts and ‘how to’ instructions.
  • Recruitment – Utilising a dedicated system to find people with a great attitude for your business.
  • Team Building – At various stages of a business’ life the team does get stale and various methods of motivation with be implemented.
  • Financial Reporting –Explore your financial reports and business KPIs to find cost saving strategies as well as interpreting the figures to assist with the management of the business.
  • Sales and Marketing – Strategies on Lead Generation, Conversion Rate, Average Dollar Sale, Numbers of Transactions in a year, and Profit Margins will be introduced and modified to your business’ requirements.
  • Owner Motivation – Leadership is what our team is looking for and it’s for this reason that the business owner needs to hone in on their level of enthusiasm and skill. About everything else, your business coach will ensure that you are on track to achieving your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! But you have to be prepared to work hard and follow-through in order to see a good return on the investment.

Firstly, determine which area you would like to grow. Do you want to sell more of the same product to your existing target market, sell a different product to your current clients or develop a new product and new market altogether? Once you have determined where you want to grow then you will be able to determine the best possible strategies in this specific area.

There are so many ways in which a business can grow; infrastructure, location, staffing, product, services depending on you and your businesses goals. That said, I believe that the first step is always finding out exactly where you want to grow your business.

Strong leaders lead by example and lead by having ‘Level 5 Leadership’ (leading greater than your own ego, making a difference, impacting beyond one person and leaving a legacy). The greater a global impact one can have, the greater a leader they are seen as.

Leading is about inspiring people to change and learn and go to the next level themselves, it’s not about the leader themselves.

The most logical answer is to look at all of the areas of the business that you can improve, i.e. efficiency and quality of service. If you can save on time or money with each improvement you make, you will grow your bottom line.

Firstly, you need to ensure that your business has consistent profits over the past three years and is preferably on an upward trend. Secondly, I would advise that as much of your business is systemised and documented as possible, so it is not reliant on you as a business owner. Lastly, I believe that a comprehensive and up to date business plan is critical in order to display the future of the business to potential buyers. Find out about my next Business Planning Workshop here:

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