We provide a range of business programs locally (in Perth, Western Australia) or online.

• Our local programs are for those who enjoy getting together with other like-minded  business owners and getting live professional coach support.
• Our online programs are for those who wish to carry out their business development in their own time, at their own pace.

Regardless of where you are on the entrepreneurial ladder, our business courses can help. If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur in the making committed to preparation, abundance, and giving 100%, then contact us for more information to step your business up to the next level.


12x Better Business Planning (12-Week Program)

Through this program, you will assess the 10 key functional areas of your business and receive professional coach guidance to implement the suggested strategies in each area.

  • Learn from award-winning PCC accredited business coach, Suzzanne Laidlaw
  • Practical theory and examples to implement effective strategies in your business
  • Access to templates and tools for you to download and integrate

Transform Your Business for 12x Greater Success – Assess and develop your strategic plan, budget and cashflow, marketing & sales plan, service & delivery, profitability, people & education, leadership and direction, work-life balance.

For full curriculum details and to register, head across to 12x Better Business Planning – Online.

Business Plan Builder

To create your business plan online in your own time, visit Suzzanne’s Online Business Plan Builder.

I would strongly encourage ALL businesses to have a comprehensive business plan. This is crucial to take their business from where it is now to where they want it to be. When I am faced with this question from prospects or clients, I commonly ask them if they would build a house without a plan? Obviously not, and it is no different for a business.

In this business planning course, you will create your own comprehensive and professional business plan online – ready for the bank or investors, shareholders, your leadership team and with a clear roadmap for your organisation to succeed.

Under the guidance of a nationally accredited business coach and global leader in business planning, you will build your own detailed business plan from the ground up, including strategies for improvement, financial projections and all the key areas expected in a professional business plan.

Our Business Plans include;

  1. Executive Summary,
  2. Business Overview,
  3. SWOT,
  4. Industry Analysis,
  5. Client Analysis,
  6. Competitive Analysis,
  7. Marketing Plan,
  8. Sales Plan,
  9. Operations Plan,
  10. 5 Years Financial Plan,
  11. Appendix Information,
  12. Historical Financial Reports and
  13. Strategies for Improvement

For the full course details – view the FAQ and Course Curriculum as well as a Sample Plan, and our Testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel enthused about their jobs, how committed they are to the organisation, and therefor the amount of effort they put into their work.

Organisational culture encompasses the values and behaviours that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of a business.

They are highly motivated to work hard towards a common goal that is in line with the company’s vision. They will be committed to the values of the organisation, displaying them through their behaviours.

At Engage & Grow we use a Group Activation System™, an action- based system to improve team engagement within your organisation. Through our weekly 60-90-minute meetings over 12 weeks, we create a movement in the mind of employees that then creates a movement in the business, by following our proven 6 step formulae. Learn more about our team engagement program here:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the critical (key) indicators of progress toward an intended result or goal. KPIs are a great business tool, providing a focus for strategic and operational improvement, creating an analytical basis for decision making and helping focus attention on what matters most for each individual. Learn more about KPI’s here:

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