So often in business, we have to navigate the challenges that life throws at us. If you are ready to change and grow, but don’t know how, let’s have a conversation to see how we can work together.

It doesn’t have to be complicated to create the business and life of your dreams – After all, there’s so much more to life than just being stuck in a business and your business should provide for you, not take your freedom away!

We understand it takes courage to try something new and commit to making long-term changes… We’re here to help you take that first step.

We provide local (Perth, Western Australia) and online professional coach support.

To help you proactively plan for greater and sustainable business success, we have something for every business owner – no matter what stage of business you’re at or where in the world you are situated.

  • Free educational webinars
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  • Online business courses
  • Group face to face workshops
  • Business planning (face to face or online)
  • Team engagement programs
  • Motivational speaking and group mentoring
  • One on one coaching (face to face or online)

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If you’ve ever wondered how much more you could achieve with just a little help and guidance, we can have a look at  the gaps in your business and map out a strategic plan for you to reach the next level so you can see exactly what that would look like for your business.

If you’re not quite sure what is going to suit you and your business, we are happy for one of our team to catch up for a Free 1 Hour Business Consultation (face to face or Zoom). We will then have a clear picture of where the opportunities are in your business and what would be most suitable. If you are serious about taking the next step, contact us on (08) 9207 3069 for a complimentary chat.

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How many times have you delayed getting started on something then later said, “I wish I had started sooner!” ?
If you’re not sure where to start, contact us for a free Business Needs Analysis today on (08) 9207 3069

Suzzanne Laidlaw & Paul Roach Present ‘Planning For Business Success’

In this business planning workshop you will create a comprehensive and professional business plan.

* March 2021 now fully booked. Enquire now to secure your spot for the next workshop!

Day 1 – Monday 17th May, 2021, 9am – 5pm 
Day 2 – Tuesday 18th May, 2021, 9am – 5pm 

This workshop will be held at Stirling Regional Business Centre (Balcatta, Western Australia).

Find out what past attendees had to say:

The 7 Top Benefits of a Up-to-Date Business Plan are:
• Having a clear direction for your business (vision and mission)
• Setting benchmarks to track your performance
• Conducting a current industry analysis
• Reviewing your major competitors and developing strategies to come out on top
• Explore how to capitalise on your company’s strengths and mitigate weaknesses
• Develop a roadmap and schedule for achieving your goals and core business outcomes
• Create clear financial projections for the next five years so you can see exactly how you’ll reach success

>> Click here to see a Sample Business Plan (Full, 2-Day)

Or, to create your business plan online in your own time, visit Suzzanne’s ONLINE BUSINESS PLANNING COURSE.

Cost of workshop:

Your investment for our 2-day workshop will be $2,995 + GST (RRP $3,495 + GST; special price due to the impact of COVID-19).
Your investment includes one or two seats in our workshop as we understand that if you have a business partner, it’s important to make key business decisions together.

Why Suzzanne?

Suzzanne has been awarded global leader in business planning multiple years running, and has been recognised as one of Australia’s top business coaches. She has been nicknamed “The Business Planning Queen” by her colleagues, with her passion to support others to achieve their dreams through planning, and has recently published a book all about planning (‘What’s Your Plan?‘).

With her expertise in business coaching, Suzzanne mentors and holds others accountable to following through with their goals to reach their potential, and believes “It all starts with a plan”. If you’re looking for business and personal growth, Suzzanne can help you make a dramatic difference to your performance and profitability and transform your business for greater success.

Suzzanne Laidlaw combines her powerful business planning workshop with fellow ActionCOACH, Paul Roach, a business strategist and coach who has worked with hundreds of SMEs across many industries to supercharge their businesses. As a CPA qualified accountant and serial business owner himself, Paul is perfectly placed to educate, train, and develop businesses in the vital area of planning and implementation.

We provide a range of business programs locally (in Perth, Western Australia) or online.

• Our local programs are for those who enjoy getting together with other like-minded  business owners and getting live professional coach support.
• Our online programs are for those who wish to carry out their business development in their own time, at their own pace.

Regardless of where you are on the entrepreneurial ladder, our business courses can help. If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur in the making committed to preparation, abundance, and giving 100%, then contact us for more information to step your business up to the next level.


12x Better Business Planning (12-Week Program)

Through this program, you will assess the 10 key functional areas of your business and receive professional coach guidance to implement the suggested strategies in each area.

  • Learn from award-winning PCC accredited business coach, Suzzanne Laidlaw
  • Practical theory and examples to implement effective strategies in your business
  • Access to templates and tools for you to download and integrate

Transform Your Business for 12x Greater Success – Assess and develop your strategic plan, budget and cashflow, marketing & sales plan, service & delivery, profitability, people & education, leadership and direction, work-life balance.

For full curriculum details and to register, head across to 12x Better Business Planning – Online.

Business Plan Builder

To create your business plan online in your own time, visit Suzzanne’s Online Business Plan Builder.

I would strongly encourage ALL businesses to have a comprehensive business plan. This is crucial to take their business from where it is now to where they want it to be. When I am faced with this question from prospects or clients, I commonly ask them if they would build a house without a plan? Obviously not, and it is no different for a business.

In this business planning course, you will create your own comprehensive and professional business plan online – ready for the bank or investors, shareholders, your leadership team and with a clear roadmap for your organisation to succeed.

Under the guidance of a nationally accredited business coach and global leader in business planning, you will build your own detailed business plan from the ground up, including strategies for improvement, financial projections and all the key areas expected in a professional business plan.

Our Business Plans include;

  1. Executive Summary,
  2. Business Overview,
  3. SWOT,
  4. Industry Analysis,
  5. Client Analysis,
  6. Competitive Analysis,
  7. Marketing Plan,
  8. Sales Plan,
  9. Operations Plan,
  10. 5 Years Financial Plan,
  11. Appendix Information,
  12. Historical Financial Reports and
  13. Strategies for Improvement

For the full course details – view the FAQ and Course Curriculum as well as a Sample Plan, and our Testimonials.

We provide a range of business programs locally (in Perth, Western Australia) or online.

• Our local programs are for those who enjoy getting together with other like-minded  business owners and getting live professional coach support.
• Our online programs are for those who wish to carry out their business development in their own time, at their own pace.

Regardless of where you are on the entrepreneurial ladder, our business courses can help. If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur in the making committed to preparation, abundance, and giving 100%, then contact us for more information to step your business up to the next level.



Business Planning Club (Quarterly Group Program)

If you want to “Dip your toe in the water” to see how business coaching can help your business to grow, this program enables you to receive professional coach support and accountability, meeting up once a quarter with a group of other business owners.

For just $179 + GST per month, you will:

  • Check-in quarterly for a 4 hour group face-to-face boardroom strategy session to work on & develop your business plan
  • Access to the online Business Planning Portal to view and tweak your business plan
  • Private Group Monthly Q&A Webinars to discuss your strategies and challenges
  • Access to Monthly Education Webinars on a range of topics
  • Access to an online Client Learning Portal, to work through at your own pace

This is a great first step to advancing your professional and business development. All you need to do is “Take the first step.”

Enquire today for dates and full details.

Entrepreneurs Program (Monthly Group Program)

Our Entrepreneurs Unlimited Program (EUP) is a 12-month program for business owners and entrepreneurs who desire more skills, tools, inspiration and guidance to achieve their goals.

Designed for people who are committed to investing time and energy into their education, professional development & success of their business, you will spend 1 day per month proactively working ON your business, rather than just IN it.

Imagine the potential for growth if you set-aside over 72 hours per year to strategically plan and make informed decisions, rather than “putting out fires” and falling victim to re-active decisions!

This is your chance to work on all the areas of your business that you never have the time for, in an environment where there is coaching and mentoring support.

Imagine having a board of directors, a sounding board, and someone holding you accountable. Imagine if you could reach your potential faster and avoid the pitfalls that many business owners succumb to. This program will help you reach your goals and you will learn how to run your business, rather than your business running you.

Course Content ($795 + GST per month):

  • Business Planning Workshop – You will be invited to my next 2-day Business Planning Workshop where you will build your own comprehensive business plan for success and identify areas of potential to fast-track your business growth. This will enable you to be clear on your starting point, and have measurable components to track throughout your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions (x 12) – The program will guide you through critical components of business mastery, assessing crucial success factors in your business through planning, leadership, financial management, marketing and sales, team, systems and more.
  • Leadership & Communication Development – Fine tune the art of becoming a highly regarded leader, and build a great culture to increase productivity through break-out groups focusing on direction setting, framework design, behavioural benchmarks, relationships, individual growth, reward, recognition and spiritual leadership.
  • Online Resources & Templates– You will have access to resources in every area of business, including relevant templates to improve your business systems, plus your own individual online portal with an abundance of strategies to work on, in conjunction with our program, to build your business.
  • Financial Tracking (Monthly) – We will hold you accountable to reviewing and submitting your financials on a monthly basis, so any immediate areas of concern can be flagged and rectified.
  • Accountability – You will be assigned an accountability buddy within the group who you will speak to regularly between meetings, to propel your success and help each other stay on track, focused and be a sounding board.
  • DISC Profile – We will provide you with a comprehensive behaviour & motivator assessment that will allow you to identify your natural and adjusted style of working, with the key traits behind your decisions and what this means for your business.

This program is not a seminar, there is no “drip” feeding or teaching from the front of the room. It’s a facilitated program and discussion around the growth and expansion of each participant’s business across the duration of the 12 month program. We meet once a month for 6 hours, from 11am to 5pm.

For most business owners, One on One business coaching is the best way for them to achieve their business goals.
Suzzanne works within a structure, and can adapt to coaching any individual.

Imagine having someone oversee every step of your your vital business operations and decisions.

By having a coach, you’ll have your own Business Management Consultant to hold you accountable and keep you on track.


What does a business coach do?

For one client this might mean giving them a hug, and for another, it may mean pushing them just that little bit further than they thought possible. Suzzanne provides every single business coaching client with a fair and honest perspective on their situation.

“This is the real value behind a business coach, especially someone like Suzzanne Laidlaw with her wealth of mentoring experience.”

What she looks for in a client, is a business owner who will follow through and constantly strive for greater success. One on One business coaching is best suited to businesses that have been established for at least two years, and are turning over at least $450,000 annually. However we are happy to discuss your individual situation and what sort of return on investment you can expect to get from coaching.


“Success is a journey not a destination”

Suzzanne is truly a testimony to this sentiment as she inspires and engages others with her positive, fun loving personality. Drawing strength from a solid background of over 25 years’ experience in key business management roles and business mentoring, she now coaches others to realise their dreams and live to the fullest of their own potential.

Author of ‘What’s Your Plan?’, Suzzanne has faced and overcome adversity and knows what it takes to surmount challenges and achieve extraordinary results.

Why Suzzanne?

Business aside, Suzzanne’s personal story is inspirational. She rescued her husband from a burning house fire and watched him die in ICU. He was revived, they had a family and some years later, as a mum of young kids, a medical diagnosis gave her five years to live. Since then she’s travelled the world and home schooled her children, lost everything financially, built it up again, and competed for Australia in sporting events. As stated by Tracey Vo from ABC Radio ‘her attitude should be bottled!’.

If you’re interested in finding out more about her story, you can buy a copy of her book here> ‘What’s Your Plan?’

You can view or listen to Suzanne speak with various media personalities here > Media Newsroom

Both Suzzanne’s professional and personal life experiences allow her to motivate and inspire people as a key note speaker. She has spoken for a huge array of organisations including BankWest, Edith Cowan University, Joondalup Learning Precinct, Women of the West plus many more not-for-profit organisations and companies covering various topics.

Some of Suzzanne’s motivational and speaking topics covered, include:

  • Planning for success,
  • Business Planning,
  • Life Planning,
  • Goal Setting,
  • Overcoming Adversity,
  • High Performing Teams,
  • Leadership,
  • Business Culture,
  • Health & Holistic Living,
  • Fitness,
  • Women’s Health,
  • Health Over 50,
  • Parallels Between Sport & Business Coaching,
  • Balance in Business & Life,
  • How To Scale A Business.

With over 25 years in key business management roles and as an elite athlete, Suzzanne knows what it takes to function at the top level and achieve extraordinary results.

Suzzanne is also an advocate for healthy living and believes that a positive mental and physical being greatly impacts the ability to be successful in business and life. She has been a sports coach and also competed in triathlon at an international level, so can speak first hand about “walking the walk” as an athlete and business owner.

A summary of my experience is below:

– Industry Expert for (and current member of) WA Leaders
– Mentor for Northern Leaders
– Ambassador and speaker for Opportunity International Australia, including Women4Women series
– Member of Professional Speakers Association
– Keynote speaker for BankWest
– Keynote speaker and facilitator of Business Development for TM Bank
– Keynote speaker for Trainwest (Women of the West series)
– Keynote speaker for Joondalup Learning Precinct (Police Academy)
– Keynote speaker for Edith Cowan University
– Keynote speaker for Integral Women in Leadership
– Keynote speaker for BoB (Business Owners Board)
– Keynote speaker for BPW Joondalup, International Women’s Day event
– Keynote speaker for Zonta Club, WA
– Member of (and previous Director Consultant with) Business Networking International
– Nominated expert and speaker for Business Women Australia (not currently a member)