Now Is The Time For A Business Health Review

WA is leading the way for the highest number of personal bankruptcies in the country and whilst the WA economy is starting to bounce back, it’s still the worst performing in the country.  It’s now more important than ever, for business owners run a health check on their business to ensure it’s healthy and robust.

Here are my top five points for a healthy business review:

1. Review your financials at the end of each month

2. Look over your business plan each month and review if you are on track

3. Is your marketing plan working? Are you getting an ROI?

4. How are your employees? Are they happy? People love working with happy people so it’s worth your time to check in

5. Is your business operating pro-actively or re-actively? Is the business running you or are you running the business?

I offer complimentary appointments to assess the current health of your business and identify any opportunities for you to reach greater success.

If your interested in chatting contact me via email on or phone (08) 9207 3069.

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