Success Stories

The Conscious Mother
Business Planning Workshop

“Your direction becomes absolutely clear… your marketing strategies become clear. You know your numbers and what your aiming for.”

Calvin’s Plumbing
Business Planning Workshop

“I haven’t seen another tool that can bring so much together. You can tweak, adjust and do an analysis without it being a complex spreadsheet.”

Perth Surfboards
Business Planning Workshop

“The workshops covered a lot and now I have a clear structured goal. It’s given me a lot to think about… I would  highly recommended it.”

Edward George
Business Planning Workshop

“I’d recommend it for anyone who is embarking on a new journey. The tools used and the camaraderie makes it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

Fox Transportable
Business Planning Workshop

“The workshop has helped us to identify our goals. It has helped to clearly define the ways we can achieve those goals.”

Encompass Risk
Business Planning Workshop

“It is absolutely essential if you are thinking of going into business. It puts you on track and helps you plan for the future.”

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