Success Stories

Edward George
Business Planning Workshop

“I’d recommend it for anyone who is embarking on a new journey. The tools used and the camaraderie makes it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

Fox Transportable
Business Planning Workshop

“The workshop has helped us to identify our goals. It has helped to clearly define the ways we can achieve those goals.”

Encompass Risk
Business Planning Workshop

“It is absolutely essential if you are thinking of going into business. It puts you on track and helps you plan for the future.”

Cabins WA
Business Planning Workshop

“When you have a plan it makes it easier especially, when you start turning over a large sum of money. It is good knowing where all your money goes.”

Neto Graphics
Business Planning Workshop

“The biggest benefit has been setting clear goals. I would definitely recommend it, its been a big eye opener.”

Outback Initiatives
Business Planning Workshop

“It showed me what I didn’t know about my business and it is scary. If you want someone to get you moving Suzzanne Laidlaw is the one.”

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