Success Stories

Calvin’s Plumbing
Business Planning Workshop

“I haven’t seen another tool that can bring so much together. You can tweak, adjust and do an analysis without it being a complex spreadsheet.”

The Conscious Mother
Business Planning Workshop

“Your direction becomes absolutely clear… your marketing strategies become clear. You know your numbers and what your aiming for.”

Pluming Bros
Business Planning Workshop

“It opened my eyes up to the real world. I now know what I am doing and I know I am on track. Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Hear From My Clients
Business Planning Workshop

“We’re a lot more focused, a lot more structured. We focus on the strategies, the financials… Suzzanne really helps me get the work done!”

Entrepreneurs 2018
Business Planning Workshop

Our inaugural Entrepreneurs Program showed extremely promising results for our clients. Here, they share the benefits & their results.

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