The Importance of Customer Relations

Suzzanne Laidlaw, Perth Business coach, always tells business owners that building a relationship with your customers is a lot more beneficial for their company than they may think. Suzzanne states, “Including a customer relationship management strategy in your business plan will help create a repeat of clientele and generate sales.”

Suzzanne Laidlaw knows from experience how essential it is that your employees are after the same result when it comes to customer relations. There are a few ways that you, as a business owner, can reinforce these good habits with your employees: reward their performance with recognition and incentives, provide training in areas that are the most important/ need to be improved on the most and feedback and coaching.


In every business there are a number of things that can go wrong, there will be disgruntled customers who are after some sort of compensation for their bad experience using your company. Suzzanne can’t stress enough how important it is to resolve the issue as it happens in order to recover from the situation and keep your customers happy. Any business coach will tell you to always be personable and ask the source directly for their feedback/ complaint. Find the core issue and concentrate on ways to prevent the same scenario occurring in the future, make sure your staff are briefed on the situation and are prepared next time.


Make sure the employees you have trusted with managing your business are well-equip with an effective customer relationship management strategy, as a Business Coach Suzzanne Laidlaw helps many clients with these, as it is an important part of your business strategy. The managers have the power to reverse all the hard work you have put in by having poor customer service. Make sure the managers are always involved in the changes you make from the get-go, equip them with the tools to implement the changes, provide thorough training so they can set an example for other employees and always reward them for doing so.

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