The Right Feedback

Since becoming a Perth business coach I have recognised the factors that make a manager as effective as he or she can possibly be.

1. Knowing your staff and clients exceptionally well.
2. Talking to them any opportunity you get to see how they are managing with their tasks and duties.
3. Help your staff grow as an employee, not just for you but for them as well.
4. Continue to push them out of their comfort zone.
5. Lastly, delegate, (see post from Thursday)

Feedback is extremely important for your employees, as you may be feeling frustrated at times with them, they may have no idea what they are doing wrong. By giving a 3 months’ probation at the start of employment or a 6 month review, this will allow you and your staff to appropriately change any issues you both may have. Communication is extremely important for Perth business owners, and something that is often failed.

Remember to try and stay positive when giving feedback to your staff and at an appropriate time when stress levels are not at an exceptionally high level (usually Christmas time). Often you will find if you compliment and recognise your staffs work, they will feel a sense of belonging to the organisation and want to work even harder for you.

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