Our Team

With a dynamic team of experienced professionals, we are confident that our team will provide you with exceptional service and care.

Our Team

Suzzanne Laidlaw

business & Executive coach

Suzzanne is an internationally accredited and award-winning business coach, global leader in business planning, acclaimed keynote presenter and bestselling author.

Suzzanne has over 25 years’ experience in key business management roles and more than a decade of experience coaching individuals, business owners, managers & CEO’s .

With a myriad of life and personal experiences, together with Suzzanne’s passion for business and coaching, Suzzanne is one of Australia's most recognised and sought-after business coaches.

Key areas of support that Suzzanne provides include: Business Planning, Business & Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, DISC Profiling, Motivational Speaking & Presentations, Team Training & Meeting Facilitation

Bevan Griggs


Bevan has over 14 years’ experience in Business Development and Sales, placing high value on building solid interpersonal relationships.

With over 20 years’ involvement in organisational management, Bevan understands the challenges of business owners and senior management.

He has practical involvement across various industries; including manufacturing, industrial design, recruitment, management and leadership training, residential construction and medical laboratories; and is also an experienced sports coach.

Suzzanne and Bevan have known each other for 35 years and have a strong synergy and desire to help people and business owners.

Renee Jongsma

Business Operations MANAGER

Renee is at the forefront of business operations, and forms an integral part of our project facilitation, systems implementation, business development and planning.

As an analytical thinker who is highly organised, Renee makes sure our business engine is running smoothly and our clients are taken care of.

With a background in planning, management, legal support and financial management, Renee’s attention to detail and experience puts her at the centre of our team.

Key areas of support that Renee provides include: systems, policies & procedure development, project management, cash-flow & budget creation, financial analysis, content writing & creative editing, software & workplace training.

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