Our Team

With a dynamic team of experienced professionals, we are confident that our team will provide you with exceptional service and care.

Suzzanne Laidlaw

business & Executive coach

Suzzanne is an internationally accredited and award-winning business coach, global leader in business planning, acclaimed keynote presenter and bestselling author.

With a myriad of life and personal experiences, together with Suzzanne’s passion for business and coaching, Suzzanne is one of Australia's most recognised and sought-after business coaches.

Suzzanne is a proud wife, mum and Nan, who believes that family and health are number one. To be the best she can be in her business and life, Suzzanne is committed to her own personal and professional goals which is evident through her fitness, health and accomplishments.

Key areas of support that Suzzanne provides include: Business Planning, Business & Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, DISC Profiling, Motivational Speaking & Presentations, Team Training & Meeting Facilitation

Tanya Mills

employee business coach

Operating in the CEO role, Tanya took on the challenging task of expanding the IT Business internationally to New York City in 2015 where she lived for five years.

With a strong background in Sport, Recreation and Fitness, representing State and Local Government and as a member of various boards and committees, Tanya has operated in various consulting capacities.

Her true passion is helping people to become the best version of themselves and she embodies this with her own commitment to her personal and professional development. She is a trained Life and Business Coach and a proud Mum of a toddler.

Key areas of support that Tanya provides include: Business Planning, Business Coaching, Group Coaching, DISC Profiling & Team Training.

Renee Jongsma

business operations manager

As an analytical thinker who is highly organised, Renee makes sure our business engine is running smoothly and our clients are taken care of.

With a background in planning, management, legal support and financial management, Renee’s attention to detail and experience puts her at the centre of our team.

As a mum to two boys, and part of a large family (being one-of-five and with 6 nephews and nieces), Renee is a nurturer at heart and feels happiest when spending quality time with her loved ones. When she's not at the office, Renee is often at the basketball court with her sons.

Key areas of support that Renee provides include: systems, policies & procedure development, project management, cash-flow & budget creation, financial analysis, content writing & creative editing, software & workplace training.

Sasha Ewan

executive assistant

With extensive experience in customer service roles, Sasha has managed large events and has built her skills through various support roles over an expansive career.

Some of you may know Sasha's face through the BNI community, with her super-skills put to work in the background of the WA team. It gives Sasha great privilege to continue helping you through now working with Suzzanne.

Sasha is a mum of a teenage boy and girl, so has a natural warmth and knack for organising and managing a big workload.

With her fresh and creative perspective, friendly smile and positive energy towards helping others, Sasha is an amazing addition to our small team.

Key areas of support that Tanya provides include: Business Planning, Business Coaching, Group Coaching, DISC Profiling & Team Training.

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