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Business Operations Consultant

Renee Jongsma

Renee is at the forefront of business operations, and forms an integral part of our project facilitation, systems implementation, business development and planning.

Renee’s usually one step ahead of me. If I’ve thought it, she’s already done it. In fact, you may have already had a conversation with her before you’re spoken to me – she’s my right hand lady, affectionately my ‘work wife’ and if you’re working with me, Renee’s close by my side to make sure our business engine is running smoothly and our clients are well taken care of.

An analytical operator through and through, she’s highly organised and has the ability to tackle any task given to her. With a strong background in planning, administration, legal support, customer liaison and financial management, Renee’s attention to detail and experience puts her at the centre of our team and lends itself well to all your client support requirements.

Renee’s professional focus is to encourage and support others to leverage their workload by simplifying their systems. She is a nurturer by nature, and will always go above and beyond to help her team, clients, family and friends.

Key areas of support that Renee provides include:

> Systems & Organisation Consulting
> Processes & Procedures Consulting
> Strategy & Project Management
> Cash-flow & Budget Development
> Content Writing & Creative Editing
> Software & Workplace Training

*If we’re not working, we might be drinking gin & tonics together, going on crazy adventures or you might even find us dancing at the Irish pub! 

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