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With expansive industry expertise and experience working with a diverse range of clientele, Suzzanne is well-renowned as a successful and inspiring business coach, with results to match.

We believe that there's more to life than business, and your business should provide you with the life you want; not take away from it. If you have the desire to grow, learn and step up to the next level in your business and life, here is how we can help.

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Business Coaching

Does your business work for you?

Through one to one and group coaching programs, we help CEOS, executives and business owners to create positive changes in their business; no matter what stage of the journey they're at.

We provide equal opportunities to all businesses in our community, nation and worldwide to learn the principles of planning and running a successful business.

To speak to our team about your goals, book a complimentary strategy meeting to discover hidden opportunities in your business.

Our Team

With a dynamic team of experienced professionals, we are confident that our team will provide you with exceptional service and care.

Suzzanne laidlaw

Suzzanne Laidlaw

business & Executive coach

Suzzanne is an internationally accredited and award-winning business coach, global leader in business planning, acclaimed keynote presenter and bestselling author.

With a myriad of life and personal experiences, together with Suzzanne’s passion for business and coaching, Suzzanne is one of Australia's most recognised and sought-after business coaches.

Suzzanne is a proud wife, mum and Nan, who believes that family and health are number one. To be the best she can be in her business and life, Suzzanne is committed to her own personal and professional goals which is evident through her fitness, health and accomplishments.

Key areas of support that Suzzanne provides include: Business Planning, Business & Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, DISC Profiling, Motivational Speaking & Presentations, Team Training & Meeting Facilitation

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Renee Jongsma

business operations manager

Renee is the engine behind our business machine.
Highly organised & analytical, Renee makes sure our operations run smoothly and our clients are taken care of.

With a background in paraplanning, business management, legal and financial services, Renee’s attention to detail and experience lands her at the centre of our team.

Renee is a nurturer at heart and feels happiest when spending quality time with her loved ones. When she's not in the office, Renee is often at basketball with her two sons or spending time with her large family (being one-of-five herself, and with 8 nephews and nieces!).

Key areas of support that Renee provides include: Client & coach support, systems, policies & procedure development, project management, cash-flow & budget creation, financial management, content writing & creative editing, software & workplace training, business management & HR.

A woman wearing a white shirt and a necklace, benefiting from the guidance of business mentors in Perth, WA.

Tanya Mills

employee business coach

Tanya's passion is helping people to become the best version of themselves and she embodies this with her own commitment to her personal and professional development. She is a trained Life and Business Coach and a proud mum of two young girls.

With a strong background in Sport, Recreation and Fitness, representing State and Local Government and as a member of various boards and committees, Tanya has operated in various consulting capacities.

Tanya took on the challenging task of expanding her previous IT Business internationally to New York City in 2015 where she lived for five years.

Key areas of support that Tanya provides include: Business Planning, Business Coaching, Group Coaching, DISC Profiling & Team Training.

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