Suzzanne Laidlaw
- A Personal Biography

Suzzanne is an internationally accredited award-winning business coach, global leader in business planning, acclaimed keynote presenter and bestselling author.

PCC Accredited Coach

Business Planning Specialist and PCC accredited Business Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Published Author

'What's Your Plan?' is a step-by-step guide to building your business and life with heart, vision and purpose.

Inspiring Leader

Penned as one of WA's 16 Most Inspirational Women, Suzzanne’s story captured the hearts of many.

Global Leader

Awarded No. 1 Leader in Business Planning and Executive Coach of the Year, Suzzanne’s is at the top of her field.

Industry Expert

With 30+ years in business and 10+ years as a business coach, Suzzanne is highly experienced and trusted by her peers.


Suzzanne is a proud ambassador for Opportunity International, who provide micro funding to families living in poverty.

Business Coach

As one of Australia's most recognised and sought-after business coaches, Suzzanne inspires others to build the business and life of their dreams whilst engaging them with her positive attitude and zest for life.

Suzzanne is passionate about supporting business owners, executives and entrepreneurs to reach their goals. She is well renowned as a successful and inspiring business coach, with results to match.

Suzzanne is passionate about helping people to proactively plan their business for a better life. With may accolades placing her at the top of over 1,000 coaches worldwide, Suzzanne has been passionately nicknamed "The Business Planning Queen" by her colleagues and peers.

Suzzanne is trusted in her field of expertise and well regarded by her clients, colleagues and the wider community.

A woman holding a tablet and smiling at Suzzanne Laidlaw.

Suzzanne was born into small business

Suzzanne's business journey started as a young girl, when she helped her father in her primary school years in his family business. She realised from an early age that she had a passion for business, which led to her lifelong journey as a business owner herself.

Suzzanne and her husband David founded and directed Laidlaw (Aust) Pty Ltd, (1989 -2003), which was started from the back room of her father’s business. This business grew to be the major supplier of word finishing equipment in W.A and became the exclusive agent for a number of European, Chinese and Korean brands. She soon realised that the business needed more, so she employed an ActionCOACH business coach based in Perth to help turn the business into a commercial profitable business that could work without her.

With a myriad of life and personal experiences, together with Suzzanne’s passion for business and coaching, Suzzanne decided to join her passions and become a business coach herself.

Suzzanne now has over 25years’ experience in key business management roles and more than a decade of experience coaching individuals, business owners, managers & CEO’s to achieve and exceed their goals.


Suzzanne’s personal and sporting achievements will inspire you to take action. She is well known in the triathlon community, having competed at the top level for over 15 years.

As an elite athlete, Suzzanne has represented Australia multiple times (in Triathlon) and has competed in countless marathons and Iron Man events, so knows what it takes to function at the top level and achieve extraordinary results.

Suzzanne represented Australia in the World Triathlon Championships in Vancouver, New Zealand, Australia and London, swam solo to Rottnest (20km) in 2006, completed the Perth & Rottnest Marathon (42.2km run) as well as the gruelling Busselton Ironman in 2007 & 2008 (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run).

The Perth sporting community know Suzzanne well for her sporting achievements and tireless determination, as an elite sports person and sporting coach in her younger years.

Suzzanne has faced and overcome adversity

Suzzanne has experienced several life challenging moments which have reinforced her optimistic, independent and engaging outlook on life. These include saving her husband’s life by pulling him from a burning house; renovating a 100 year old derelict mud brick cottage into a heritage listed tourist attraction (Hoddywell Cottage, Toodyay); and backpacking around the world with her husband and two children for most of 1999.

Suzzanne was also struck with a life-threatening disease in her early 30s and told she only had about 5 years left to live. After 6 major surgeries and living with a colostomy bag, thankfully Suzzanne was able to overcome the disease, for which she is grateful every day.

Drawing personal strength from her rainbow of life experiences, Suzzanne is driven to live an authentic, fulfilled life that has inspired many others to do the same and you will be blown away with her story of strength and courage in pursuit of her own business and life dreams.

Happily married with strong family values

Suzzanne & her husband David have been happily married for over 30 years, with two children, so commitment is no stranger. They founded and directed Laidlaw (Aust) Pty Ltd together (1989-2003), which became the catalyst to Suzzanne’s focus today on Business Coaching, Wellness and Life Balance.

Not long after they got married, David suffered an awful accident where he received series burns to over 70% of his body, which required years of rehabilitation and left him unemployable and suffering in pain.  

With a family to support and their backs against the wall financially, Suzzanne became responsible for building a successful business that would support their life circumstances.

Over time, with Suzzanne’s strong desire to help others in similar situations to overcome their own challenges, business coaching became the perfect vehicle to match her love of coaching with her love of business. Suzzanne now thrives in helping others to take their own journey to success.

True to her word

Suzzanne abides by the phrase, "honesty is the best policy." She prides herself on being true to her word. If she says she'll do it, she will.

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