Increasing Motivation in The Workplace

Most business coaches would agree, if you want to improve productivity and performance in the workplace, it is vital that your staff need to be motivated to achieve and reach their goals. Any business that has an overall goal needs to involve their entire team. By doing so in turn, your staff works in a general direction, and are committed towards achieving your specific objective. It is common knowledge that when employees lack motivation, there is low productivity, leading to dissatisfaction in results.

If you want to avoid lack of motivation within your team, or you simply want to give your employees a boost of confidence and encourage high morale in the office, here are some tops to guarantee a driven workplace:

  1. Ensure Personalised Recognition Of Employee Efforts: Your business should have an employee recognition program. This will make your team feel valued and that you acknowledge the efforts they are putting into your dreams and goals. I recommend letting your staff choose the reward (within limit).
  2. Improve Communication Efforts: It is vital for managers to ensure competent and efficient communication is executed throughout the team, instead of relying on emails and other indirect communication strategies. Face to face communication, in which you acknowledge your staff, ensures high enthusiasm and increased productivity.
  3. Offer Flexible Work Schedule: A flexible work schedule offers relief to your employees. Flexible timing, telecommuting and job sharing, enables employees to finish their work while maintaining a good work life balance. (Health, Family, Hobbies, Friends) You will always find if your team is happy outside of work, their motivation will increase whilst at work.
  4. Increase Responsibilities: (Some) employees find additional responsibilities a highly motivating element in their job. It lets them enjoy greater ownership in different business efforts, making them more inspired to strive for business success. This will also make them feel more a part of your business, and shows your trust them.

The best way to motivate your employees depends upon their preference; get to know your team and what makes them click. Every business owner needs to strive to ensure high employee motivation levels, so that business success can be guaranteed, with higher work performance and productivity.

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