5 Tips To Running A Successful Home Business

Working from home has become a common catchphrase through the COVID pandemic, and whilst it's amazing that modern-day technology has allowed many of us to make the switch to working from home (even pre-COVID, working from home helps to save on transport costs, commute time and be more accessible to your family!), there are some traps that people can fall into and it's important to reassess the new environment and structure to adapt effectively.

Researchers have found that small business owners working from home are more likely to get distracted, and at times can feel lonely and isolated. Here are some tips to run a business from home:

1. Set up a comfortable work environment

Create a place to work with a comfortable chair and desk. (This will also help you get in the right work mood.)  If you stay in your pyjamas all day, it is evidently difficult to get in a profession mind set.

2. Procrastination

As a business coach it is in my nature to say “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.”  When working at home it is so easy to start doing the washing or vacuuming in an effort to avoid sending an email or talking to your accountant. It is very easy to fall into this trap. Set your purpose for completing at least three key business tasks per day.

3. Remove distractions

Kids and dogs can be real distractions. Try and structure your working day to attend both your kid’s needs and the needs of your business.

4. Stay connected

To avoid feeling isolated at home, catch up with colleagues, friends and most importantly clients, at least twice a week.  I would recommend joining Meetup groups, and going to local BNI events to improve you’re networking skills whilst having time away from your home office.

5. Have breaks

It is vital to take a break for lunch and to eat away from technology and your desk.  When taking your break, try and step outside for some fresh air.  Go for a walk walk around the block, clear your mind, and when you’re having a break, try and step away from your phone. Small regular breaks throughout the day, to stretch the body, can even increase your productivity.


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