Become A Master of Hiring

Become a Master of Hiring

One of the most important things to consider before beginning your search for that perfect candidate is truly knowing what you are looking for. Not familiarizing yourself with the position before you begin your hiring process could mean you end up hiring someone you like, but not right for the position, or maybe they are right for the position, but not a good fit for your company.

Here are two things to consider before you start your search for the ideal candidate:

-Identify at least five behavioural traits you are looking for in your candidate
-Consider the skills they will need to perform the job

When you are ready to craft that perfect job posting, remember that you are essentially creating an ad, so sell your business as the great place that it is. Your objective is to get people excited about applying for the open position. Many job postings leave out crucial information about their company, and they end up with applicants who are looking for work, versus people enthusiastic about what you do.

Start broad and then funnel the ad to the specifics of the job, like skills and requirements. This will narrow the field and filter your candidates down to those not only interested in the position, but also those who are the best qualified.

Once you start receiving resumes, narrow the resumes down to your top candidates using these tips:

-Eliminate candidates that do not meet the minimum requirements.
-Eliminate candidates that meet requirements, but that does not seem a good fit for your company.

Finding That Perfect Candidate

Depending on the position you are hiring for, it is important that during the interview you prepare questions for your candidate. The more you keep them talking, the greater the opportunity to get a feel for how your candidate could fit the position and the company’s culture.

Here are some useful questions to lead a discussion with your candidate:

-Tell me about a situation with a disgruntled customer. How did you handle it?
-Describe a situation where you had a hard time keeping a commitment?
-Tell me about a time when you were able to inspire or energize an individual or group you were working with? What was the result?
-What techniques do you use to plan and organize your workday? Describe a specific instance when you used these techniques.
-Describe an instance when you had to set your own priorities aside for the greater team.

Aside from your prepared questions, also allow your candidate to ask you about the position or the company. Get them talking about something that they are passionate about. Keep it open and engaged. Have a conversation!

After your interview or set of interviews, give your candidate a timeframe for job selection. Before making your final decision, take the time to ask colleagues about their first impressions, or maybe imagine yourself working for them, and ultimately, trust your instincts.

I recently recorded my tips on 'Becoming A Master of Hiring' which is great for business owners or hiring managers who are looking for some direction when it comes to hiring strong candidates to join their team. From the resume to the job offer, I cover it all!

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