Facebook Visibility - Know Your Followers

Facebook Visibility - Know Your Followers

We live in a time and place where our relevance and status can be measured by our number of social media fans, followers and likes. If you aren’t online, to some you don’t exist. I recognise that to my clients, and as a business coach, it feels better to have 500 likes rather than 50. With that said, have you ever wondered how many of your fans are actually paying attention to your posts? How can you make Facebook a leveraging strategy?

According to recent reports from a Facebook analytic tool, the following was discovered:

  • 1 out of 50 post views earns a negative response.
  • Negative responses most likely result in all your page stories being blocked, which is 60 times more likely than clicking “unlike” on your page.
  • Post are more often reported as spam instead of the page being “unliked”.

For every 50 posts, 2% of your fans unsubscribe. This does not mean that your number of fans is decreased, but the number of those fans hiding from you without your knowledge is amplified. Essentially, if you were to post one thing a day every day for one full year, 15% of your fans would be hiding from you by year’s end.

Don’t be discouraged, a few altercations in your approach will make a big difference. It’s time to concentrate on engagement from your followers, rather than your follower count. Are you giving your followers quality content at the right frequency?
Here are a few tips from your local business coach on how to keep your fans loyal.

  1. Quality over quantity: Your current fans are just that…your current fans. Some of them are hiding from you and some are not. Moving forward it is important to cater to those who are actually paying attention or with engaging you. This will grow the quantity of your qualified fans.
  2. Frequency doesn’t always sell: Your Facebook page is not a traditional form of advertising like radio, TV or print. Set frequency expectations for your fans. Think about the time you most often visit your page…post then.
  3. Talk the talk: When you make a post be sure that it reads the way you would say it to someone. For example, if you own a flower shop you are by no stretch of the imagination a professional copy writer…..post the way YOU talk.
  4. Own your brand: Be sure to keep all of your posts in line with your brand. Keep your fans up to date with product trends, new products or services, your promotions, events etc.
  5. Ask for help: As a good rule of thumb you should post at least one poll on you page per quarter. This poll should ask your fans what they want to see more of from you. Measuring your products or services this way is very beneficial as well.
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