Visioning to achieve success

Visioning to achieve success

"Gemma transformed her business to give her the lifestyle she dreamed of."

Gemma had a retail store which operated seven days a week. She

was working 12 hours a day just to keep it going and had a huge

financial debt hanging over her head. When Gemma came to me, she

had a yearning to change her life. She wanted to get married,

have children and get rid of her debt. She was ‘in a rut’, as she

called it, and didn’t know how to make the change to break free.

She had capped out her business knowledge and reached breaking

point due to the amount of time and energy she was putting into

the business.

Gemma and I sat down and became crystal clear on what it was that she

truly wanted in her life. From there, we put together a comprehensive

three-year plan to help her achieve her dreams. She knew what she

didn’t like about her life and she was determined to change the

situation. We depicted exactly what needed to happen to reach the

business sales targets, to generate enough revenue to start paying

off her debt. Gemma also wanted to stop working such ludicrously

long hours and have her business run without her there, so she could

have children in the future without being tied to the business.

Over the three year period that followed (with Gemma’s vision,

mission and plans clearly outlined, and regularly assessing and

adjusting milestones along the way), she promoted a suitable manager

from within her business and trained her to run it. Gemma was then

able to step away whilst still receiving an income from the business.

She married the man of her dreams, they bought a nice house together

and had a couple of children, all while paying down their debts.

By the end of Gemma’s initial three-year plan, her vision and

plans allowed her to irrefutably change her entire life. Gemma’s

business ran successfully without her and she only went into the

office once a week to meet her trusted business manager to make

sure everything was on track. Her business paid off all her debts

and still afforded her the lifestyle to be out of the business and

doing what she was most passionate about in life – being a mother

to her children.

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