Why Accountants Should Refer Clients to Business Planning Specialists

Why Accountants Should Refer Clients to Business Planning Specialists

There are a number of professionals who play a crucial role in helping businesses manage their finances and maintain financial health; from accountants to financial planners, wealth creation advisors and bookkeepers. While it’s important to consult a qualified specialist for financial affairs such as tax planning, compliance, budgeting, financial reporting and auditing, it’s equally crucial to consult a business planning specialist when looking at forward-planning your business as a whole.

There are a number of areas in a business plan that fall outside the scope of traditional accounting services and thus, your existing advisor may not possess the specific experience required for creating the detailed and comprehensive roadmap that you’re seeking. If you’re seeking a complete document that encompasses not only financial projections but also strategies for business growth and sustainability, it’s key to get the right guidance.

Importantly, engaging the right person to help you create a blueprint for success will ensure you’re developing appropriate strategies in line with your desired outcomes, to achieve long-term success in your business.

To consider the why you should consider engaging a planning specialist in addition to your accountant, let’s explore the following points.

  1. Specialised Expertise:  Business planning specialists are experts in creating and optimising plans that align all the areas of the business. They understand the intricacies of structuring a plan to attract investors, secure loans, and guide business operations. This specialised knowledge goes beyond the scope of traditional accounting services.
  2. Collaborative Efforts:  Accountants and planning specialists can work together to provide comprehensive support, ensuring both the financial aspects of your plan are accurate, while also helping you to develop a strong business model,  aligned strategies and operational elements.
  3. Enhanced Business Viability: A well-structured plan can improve the chances of your business success. If you want a robust plan that not only satisfies financial requirements but also provides a roadmap for sustainable growth, engaging an experienced professional in business planning will help you to achieve that clarity.
  4. Investor Confidence: Business plans are often used to attract investors or secure loans. A professionally developed plan can instill confidence in potential investors, leading to increased chances of securing the necessary funding.
  5. Time and Resource Efficiency: Utilising the services of multiple professionals who are specialists in their field, will make sure you’re getting the best support possible, and optimising your own time and resources to focus on what’s important to you.

Suzzanne Laidlaw is a global specialist ineffective business plan development. With decades of experience and knowledge, she assists businesses in navigating the complexities of the planning process. Suzzanne’s collaborative approach with accountants involves both parties working together for the benefit of the client. This collaboration includes:

  • Mutually referring clients to achieve more together,
  • Jointly assisting clients to overcome obstacles and adapt to changes, and
  • Involving clients in the creation of their business plans for a more empowering and successful outcome.

When our clients thrive, we see interconnected success, and you will have expert guidance in the varied and critical aspects of your business management. This collaborative approach can lead to having a stronger, more viable businesses that is well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Check out our upcoming events, and we encourage you to bring your accountant or key business partner to expand your knowledge and enhance your experience.

If you need to develop a comprehensive business plan for success, join our next 2-day workshop. Full details here.

Read our Whitepaper below: Beyond the Numbers; A strategic Partnership of Accountants and Business Planners Working Together for Clients

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