Are you ready to step up and transform your business?

Our Entrepreneurs group has been developed for business owners, executives and managers who understand the importance of regular proactive planning and accountability to achieve great success.

With professional coaching, alongside a strong community of like-minded business owners, our strategic approach will help you grow as a business owner, discover new opportunities, brainstorm and solve challenges, learn and develop new systems and create a streamlined and profitable business.

Ultimately, our goal is for you to gain the freedom of making choices without limitations.

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Imagine the difference....

Imagine how different your business and life would look if you made small but consistent changes, that build up over time to create massive results.

If you implemented every thought, strategy, action and idea that you'd had over the last year.... where would you be now?

Our Entrepreneurs Movement follows a simple formula...
Proactive Planning + Consistency = Incredible Progress

7 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is challenging, but can be extremely rewarding. Forbes outlines the top seven traits of successful entrepreneurs as:

- They have a vision...
- They are focused...
- They start with a plan...
- They start small...
- They know their customers intimately...
- They build an engaged tribe, and
- They have perseverance.

The Agenda...

When we meet...

We meet on Tuesdays from 9.30am to 4.30pm, approx. every 4 weeks at the central location of Leederville, WA (Kailis Bros GP Boardroom). Secure free parking is provided.

2022 Dates:
24 May | 21 June | 19 July |
16 August | 13 September | 11 October |
8 November | 13 December

2023 Dates:
Our rolling 4-weekly agenda will recommence in 2023 on dates to be confirmed.

We're more than a business group...

We're a movement; A group of people working together to advance our shared ideas.

We pre-qualify and screen every participant, so you can rest assured you're working with others who share the same values and principles that you do.

We become friends that support each other not only professionally but personally, too.

We celebrate together. From sharing restaurant quality meals together, to cheering each other on from the side-lines.

Your Membership Includes...

Monthly Meetings

Each month we'll meet to review your performance, learn new business strategies, and define what actions you need to take for the up-coming month. These meetings include peer feedback, to brainstorm & resolve challenges, as well as ongoing education.

Quarterly Strategies

Through strategic planning days each quarter, we will support you to proactively plan the success of your business, test &measure strategies, track your financials, engage your team and create a systemised business to reach your true potential.

Annual Planning

Utilising the most effective planning tools and methods, we’ll help you craft and document the strongest possible business plan for the year ahead, set goals and KPIs, solve challenges that arise and pursue new opportunities for development.

Peer Support

You'll spend regular time working on the areas of your business that need it the most, while you brainstorm and bounce ideas with other like-minded business owners. We'll also pair you up, to provide supplemental support to each other between meetings.

World-Class Tools

You'll gain access to tools such as DISC profiling, 30X, ValueBuilder, ProfitPlus and more, guiding you to create strong business foundations, generate and convert more sales, assess key financial metrics and develop support systems around you.

Book of the Month

Each month we'll recommend a new book to inject knowledge, enthusiasm and relevant principles in your business and life. This is a great opportunity to implement fresh strategies aligned to business, leadership or personal growth.

Why Join?...

If you want results, driven by professional coaching and a community of business owners who will have your back, being part of our Entrepreneurs Movement will enable you reach your goals without feeling so alone.

Many business owners reach a point in their journey where...
- They've capped out their knowledge,
- They're going around in circles,
- They feel stagnant and unmotivated.

Through targeted development strategies, we will:
- Guide you to make better decisions,
- Teach you how to confidently implement new principles,
- Educate you to step up in a way that’s practical, affordable and leveraged.

What Others Have To Say...

"Suzzanne is the captain that drives our ship. For any business owner without a coach, they're selling themselves short."
"Sometimes you can feel alone in business, so being part of a group helps you gain insights  and overcome hardships."
"Suzzanne helps me remain focused, giving me time away from the busy office to focus on my strategies and achieve results."

The Entrepreneurs Journey...


We'll discuss where you are now and what is needed in your business to catapult your success.


Using your vision and goals, we'll discover a better way forward by developing your plan for success.


You will learn, grow and discover opportunities to make a positive difference in your business.


With follow-through and strategic development, you will create sustainable long-term results.

Get Started...

Our Entrepreneurs Movement Membership is $279 + GST per week or $1,195 + GST per month.

We offer a Money Back Guarantee so there's nothing to lose...

To complete your registration...

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