Are you a fitness and health devotee?

Are you a fitness and health devotee?

I have always aimed to inspire others through my personal and sporting achievements. As a business coach, I believe that one of the keys to a happy and fulfilled business life is finding that perfect work-life balance, an integral part of this is keeping fit and healthy.

I am a well-known person in the triathlon community, having competed at the top level for over 15 years. I have completed the grueling Busselton Ironman (3.8km swim, 180km bike, and 42km run) twice and represented Australia four times. Not long after having both knees reconstructed, I completed my life-long dream of swimming the 20km Rottnest channel swim solo.

My top tips for keeping fit and healthy

  • Make yourself fall in love with exercise, it provides you with an incredible hit of endorphins that you can’t get anywhere else. Strategies to help me keep this up are; starting my day early, keeping an up to date fitness plan on the fridge, having walking & running buddies to hold me accountable and regularly entering charity run/walk/cycle events so that I always have a goal to work towards.
  • Daily meditation, I meditate both upon waking and before I go to sleep, focusing on all the things I am grateful for. I also mediate during the day when fear comes knocking on the door, and within minutes my fear runs away and my heart rates slows.
  • Practice yoga, no matter your age or ability. Through yoga, I have seen an improvement in both my balance and flexibility. More importantly, than this Yoga offers self-reflection, the practice allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper level, encouraging continued growth and self-awareness.
  • Nourish your body with fresh, healthy whole foods.  I choose to follow a plant-based diet, steering away from processed foods. Eating this way ensures that I'm consuming the maximum amount of nutrients, in the correct proportions.

What a regular week of exercise looks like for me

Monday: weight training with my personal trainer and my daughter at 9.45 am

Tuesday: Hatha yoga at 6 am

Wednesday: run with my running buddy at 6 am

Thursday: morning jog at 6 am, yin yoga at 7 pm

Friday: weight training with my personal trainer and my daughter at 4.45 pm

Saturday: cycling with a cycling pack at 7 am

Sunday: run with my running buddy at 6.30 am

What motivates me?

It is hard to choose just one thing that motivates me to stay fit and healthy, I am motivated by a whole array of things. I am always striving to be the best version of myself and the main part of this is keeping my body and mind at its best. Not only for myself but for my family, as a mother of two and a grandmother of one, I am motivated by the people I love, being fit and healthy allows me to be even more present for them. I want to get the most possible out of this precious life I have been given and to do this it is integral to look after my most important asset, myself!

I hope this is what you're looking for.

Please feel to contact me by email or by phone on 0414 943 823.

Kind regards,

Suzzanne Laidlaw

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