Balance in Business and Life

Balance in Business and Life

'Life ain't always easy and it ain't always fair, but there's beauty in every day. You just have to know where to look.' – Ellery Adams

So you’ve got a business, a loving and supportive family, a roof over your head and food on the table. You’re grateful for what you have, so why don’t things ever feel in place? How do people achieve the great audacious feeling of being ‘balanced’?

If you want to soar and rise above the challenges of maintaining a well-adjusted work and personal life, the first thing you need to do is be clear on what it is you really want.

Achieving balance is not a set formula, and balance for one person is different for the next. It’s about finding a happy medium for you and transforming the way you approach your days to create a path to greater happiness and freedom. It all starts with your heart.

My Top 3 Tips for Achieving Life Balance are:

1. Identify your ‘Why’

I am a firm believer in finding your purpose in life, your ‘Why’. It should be your overarching goal in life, and the reason for doing what you do.

It may take time to define your purpose, in both business and in life. It should involve assessing your core values and what motivates you. Without overcomplicating it, ask yourself what makes you the happiest? What are you drawn to do? What are you good at? What legacy do you want to leave, and what motivates you to be the best person you can be?

Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong. Maybe you want the ‘simple life’, to provide the best opportunities for your family and your children, run your own business doing what you love, feel healthy, be in love, be financially secure and comfortably living within your means (easy, right?!). Perhaps you want to be the next world leader or the first astronaut to orbit mars. Maybe you have a ground-breaking business idea that you’re determined to trademark and expose to the world. Or maybe, in the words of miss universe, you simply want ‘world peace’.

Whatever it is, make sure you’re very clear on what it is you want, not what others want of you or what you think it is you should want. Otherwise it doesn’t matter what you do to try and achieve balance, you’ll never reach it as your heart’s desire will always be pulling you in a different direction (cue the endless mind tension, self-arguments and parallels of happiness, disarray and yearning for something greater… sound familiar?).

2. Align your personal and business vision  

Just like your business should have a vision, a guiding light for the future of what you want your company to achieve, it’s equally as important to have a personal vision. Also, the closer aligned your business and personal visions are, the less conflict you will experience and the more balanced you will feel in your heart.

If you are regularly going against your beliefs, and not living your life in line with your true essence of being, then it’s time to reflect on that and make better daily choices to live your best life possible. Otherwise, the sense of balance will be virtually impossible to achieve.

3. Assess your wheel of life

Look at your overall ‘wheel of life’ and assess where you’d rate your happiness in each area of career, fun & recreation, family & friends, romance, physical environment, money, personal growth and health.

If there is an obvious misalignment of numbers, think about what it is you can do to improve the areas that are most important to you and thus achieve a better sense of balance for you.

My goal in life is to be a millionaire of hearts. Quite simply, I don’t do what I do for the profits. Whether or not I have a million dollars in the bank, that doesn’t matter to me. I do what I do for the love of helping people, and I want to positively impact one million people on this earth before I die. This is reflected in each and everything I do, in my work life and my personal life, and brings purpose to my every day. I live the law of reciprocity, I give without the expectation of receiving, and hope that in doing so I can in some way positively influence someone’s life. My success is based on how happy I am within my heart, how much impact I am making in the world with my clients, family and friends, how happy the people are around me and the difference I make to others’ lives. So regardless of what I’m doing, I have the same overarching purpose and feel balanced by simply following my dreams and listening to my heart.

In practicing the above, igniting your heart and invigorating your motivation, you will be reminded that you have a purpose and will set yourself up to live a balanced and fulfilled life. After all, a balanced life is a happy life.

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