Boosting employment morale

Once you have done the hard work of finding the right person to fill a position in your workplace, how do ensure they stay engaged and don't leave as soon as the first opportunity comes along?

Retaining talented workers is vital in the growth of a business. Below are a number of suggestions that will aid you in ensuring you retain the talent and morale you have worked so hard to employ.

Training: Various studies have shown that Generation Y react positively to workplace training in transferable soft skills such as presentation and communication. Studies show if workers feel valued by their employers, they are more willing to put the time, money and effort into allowing them to grow, not only as an employee, but as a person.

Inclusion: Another way to retain talent is to create an environment in which employees are included more in the business than just their job description. Allowing staff to become more involved in the broader business operation provides a sense of empowerment, value and belonging within the workplace.

Balance: As an employer, think about how you can help your employees achieve work/life balance. There are now many options available, including telecommuting, flexible working hour policies and using technology such as Skype for meetings.

Feedback: I am constantly advising my clients who are business owners that their employees need guidance on whether they are fulfilling their duties correctly or not, and the only person who can provide this is their manager. Feedback can be written, or preferably, verbal, and shouldn't be just once a year at the annual performance review. Employees can use this feedback to better understand how well they are functioning at work and the realisation that, as a manager and leader, you do know who they are and value what they do is beneficial, making it all the more worthwhile for them

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