Business Planning in 2023

Business Planning in 2023

Make 2023 Your Year: Writing a Business Plan

As we power into the new year, don’t let it run away from you - it's time to take action, and make a plan for growth and success with savvy business planning, so we’re here to answer the questions – why and how to write a business plan.

“Success isn’t just about planning once, it’s a commitment to proactively goal-setting to achieve your desired results, rather than reactively juggling the everyday chaos in front of you(meaning, you move forward in the direction you choose rather than going around in circles and repeating year after year).”

Whether you wrote a business plan five years ago, last year, or never before, this new year is the perfect time to reassess, take stock of where you’re at, overcome your obstacles and look for new growth opportunities.

As we’ve seen in the past two or three years, things can change quickly – external factors can impact our business, for better or worse. We want to create resilient businesses and we want to be agile and prepared enough to see and seize opportunities; not stuck on repeat, “because that’s the way we’ve always done it”.

A common misconception, and a hurdle that stands in the way of many growing businesses, is that ‘business plans are just for start ups’. In truth, a good business plan evolves with the business, for long-term growth.

The benefits of ongoing business planning are agility, capitalising on new market opportunities, applying the right strategies for your business lifecycle, refining your vision and purpose, aligning and uniting staff, acquiring other business, the list is endless!

Where are We Now?

A business plan starts with this question. Before you can create a plan for the future, you need to understand your current situation: your team, resources, finances, and current customer base.

Once you understand what's been working, what hasn't, and the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, you can start creating actions to move forward in 2023.


We all know the basic premise of setting goals is SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. But what many don’t consider are market and industry benchmarks – how do you know your goals are going to capitalise more market share, bring in new clients, and open new opportunities if you haven’t measured them in the real world?

This is the difference between formality and real success.

Seek Expertise

None of us are a master of everything. Often business owners, entrepreneurs, or executive teams are very skilled at what they do – a specific knowledge set, which doesn’t always include expert business plan writing.

When you engage one of the world’s most experienced business planners, you can put a rocket under your planning, reduce the amount of time take to get it completed, and ensure you have a ‘peer reviewed’ result, which is achieved through a process that asks questions you may not have thought to ask yourself, to gain new insight into your business and how it maybe positioned to capitalise on previously unseen opportunities.

If you’re fired up, ready to take 2023 by storm, here’s how to magnify your momentum and create a guaranteed plan for success in just two days!

This is your last chance to book a place at the upcoming workshop on February 13 and 14.

Walk away with a comprehensive business plan to take back into your business and achieve more in 2023!

Facilitated by the number 1 Global Leader in Business Planning, Suzzanne Laidlaw has been awarded the title for ten consecutive years, including 2022.

As one of Australia’s top business coaches, her passion lies in helping business owners to plan and strategically and proactively build a leveraged business model for success; one that works for them, as ‘one size does NOT fit all’! She has been nicknamed “The Business Planning Queen” and has even published a book about planning ‘What’s Your Plan?’.

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