Develop A Successful Business Plan

Recognising the strengths and weaknesses of your business is essential when creating your business plan; so you can work towards success from day one.

There are three major factors that Suzzanne Laidlaw swears by when developing a successful business plan. Recognising the strengths and weaknesses of your business is essential when creating your business plan. This way you can work towards success from day one.

Business Plan: Suzzanne Laidlaw believes that a good business plan is the most important step a business must take on their journey to success. It is important to have a structured method of transferring a vision into reality. A business plan should always cover business ideas, market analysis, market strategy and financial analysis.

Perth Business Coach, Suzzanne Laidlaw always asks businesses a few founding questions: “What do you see in the future for your business? How are you going to achieve it? And most importantly, how will your business benefit and grow from the methods you choose?” The best way to answer, and understand, all these questions is to create a business plan that works for your business.

Not only does a successful business plan benefit you, but it can be appealing to potential clients and investors. “If we were to define a business plan in simple words, we would say that it is the foundation or any business, company, or organization’s success.” (Business coach, Ailina Calip).

Business Ideas: This section is basically laying down your businesses goals and how you will reach them, a very important step that Suzzanne Laidlaw lays down from the get go. This idea can progress into a plan, given that it includes: a brief description of your business; some short testimonials describing your businesses promises to customers; a staff and management summary to grab the attention of those who are accountable for the success of your company.

Business Markets: Business market conditions are always changing, and it is a huge factor that will almost always effect a business’s health. This is why it is very important that a business owner teaches themselves to be aware of the market conditions before developing their business plan, therefore, these dips in the market can be strategically planned for.

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