104.1FM interviews Suzzanne on Sleep Awareness

104.1FM interviews Suzzanne on Sleep Awareness

Business owners have an increased risk of disturbed sleep, which can dramatically impact productivity & decision making.

Suzzanne shares her thoughts about the importance of sleep for business success, and what you can do to switch off at night. The impacts can be detrimental!

It negatively affects body & brain function including lack of memory & concentration issues, mood changes, more accidents in the workplace (which can be particularly risky in high pressure roles), weight gain or weight loss, weakened immune system, and so much more.

If you want clarity about how getting enough sleep can help you, tune in.

Suzzanne's advice?

  • Have a clear plan in your business (so you know you're heading in the right direction, and have peace of mind so as to take that weight off your shoulders),
  • Have conversations with key people & team members regularly (so no emotions are built up and you don't have to play out conversations in your head, wondering "what if"),
  • Exercise during the day is key to expel your energy so you're tired at night (though not directly before sleep while the endorphins are still running through your body),
  • Limit (or remove) your alcohol intake in the evening, and don't eat too closely to when you're planning to sleep,
  • Plan what time you wish to be sleeping, and commit to stop looking at your screen at least 30 minutes before bed,
  • Dim the lights for a period before you go to sleep, and have quiet time (meditate, read a book, lay resting),
  • Sleep or music meditation is fantastic to help you wind down and slow down your thoughts for a restful and deep sleep.

Happy Sleeping!

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