Fitness Matters with Twin Cities FM

Fitness Matters with Twin Cities FM

I meet a lot of business owners that struggle to find the time to keep themselves active, fit and healthy; with the result of always feeling exhausted, and having trouble sleeping. This has a truly negative impact on their every day, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

I always ask my clients, “What are you doing in your life that creates energy?” Often, the answer is ‘not much’ or the excuse of ‘I don’t have time’ slips into the conversation.

Prioritising your health is the number one thing you can do to that will not only benefit yourself but also your business, your relationships and your outlook on life. The more exercise you do, the better you feel (and the better you’ll sleep). It’s never too late to get in shape and make small changes in your life that will create a big impact. Age is not a barrier if you set your mind to it. In fact, you'll find you perform better when you incorporate just some light exercise into your daily routine.

Keeping fit and moving your body gives you natural endorphins, physical and mental strength and is great for your bones.

Here I talk to Janine Chatfield from 89.7FM, discussing why fitness is important to me and why I recommend it to my clients.

My top 5 tips to help get you started are:

> Plan ahead

Put the time in your diary that you’re going to exercise, and keep that time precious. No if’s or but’s about it, you have dedicated that time to moving your body and you will keep that ‘meeting’ like you would a meeting with a client.

> Start gently

You don’t have to run marathons. You can walk, swim, do yoga, aerobics or other low-impact exercises just to get the body moving. You’ll be amazed what a transformation you’ll feel, in your body and mind.

> Write a program

Think about what is realistic for you to achieve, and put the program on your fridge so you and your family can see it. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, simply “Monday, Walk, 6-7am… Tuesday, Yoga, 5-6pm… Wednesday, Swim, 7-8am, etc”

> Buddy with a friend

If you plan your exercise with a friend, you’re going to be held accountable to showing up and it’s sure going to help you get out of bed on those cold mornings. Make exercise enjoyable, you can double up exercise and also enjoy a nice chat with your friend. Make a date of it and enjoy a healthy breakfast together after, too.

> No excuses

Don’t skip your exercise unless you absolutely have to. If you have a bit of a sniffle, walk instead of run. If you have an injury, modify your workouts to suit your needs. It’s vital to make time for yourself, each and every day, that will re-energise your body and power your mind.

Good luck!

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