The Importance of Customer Relations - Part 2

A customer service based role is arguably the toughest gig out there. Sure, sometimes it is amazing, you have a lovely customer who is easy to please and is grateful for your service, but for every great customer, there will be 5 difficult ones. Some customers are just specific and picky about what they are after, which is great! We want customers who know exactly what they want, whether they are difficult to deal with or not. Some customers, however, seem like they are going to probe you until you crack. The one thing all customer have in common is that they are always right. No matter how much it kills you inside, they are right… Unfortunately you can’t run a business without customers. This relates to roles within the hospitality and retail sector the most, but is still very apparent in all industries.

Having immaculate customer service in your business is imperial to its success; “consumers are 2 times more likely to share their bad customer service experiences than they are to talk about positive experiences.”  (2012 Global Customer Service Barometer). If someone is unsatisfied with your level of customer relation skills, there is no doubt that you will hear about it. The unsatisfied customer won’t only complain to you, but they will let as many people as possible know. Even if your product/service is fantastic, if you were rude, dismissive or unfriendly the customer won’t remember how great your product/services were, they will just remember the person that served them wouldn’t smile. “89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.” (RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report).

You can pour all your money into your business, but that won’t make a difference unless a customer’s first point of contact is accommodating. Make sure your employees have immaculate customer relation skills, it is the most invaluable and underrated training yourself and your employees can do. It is much easier to lose a customer than gain one… It could be the difference between make and break in your business.

If you think yourself, or your team members, need a customer service refresher, please feel free to register for our Business Education Workshop on 'Outstanding Service':

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