The Value of Preparing for the New Year

Get started on your business year now! I know what you are thinking… We’re not even half way through the financial year yet, but coming into the new year unprepared can set you back in many different ways.

Perth business coach, Suzzanne Laidlaw, vows for business plan’s to be the first and most important step business owners must take in the journey to create a profitable company. If you haven’t already created a business plan, or you were looking to create a new one, it is always a great idea to complete it in time for the new-year. This way you have the Christmas and New Years to spend time with loved ones knowing that you are organised – work hard, play hard!

Not only is it financially beneficial to prepare for the new-year, it is extremely beneficial mentally. Whether it is a New Year resolution or a new target for your company to hit, it is great for a revitalisation of passion and energy. This renewed energy, paired with being organised, will have an extreme impact on you and your company. Make sure you are mentally prepared before you prepare your company, it will make the world of difference. If you have had a tough year, what better time to start fresh than the 1st of January. Eric T. Wagner from Forbes Magazine- “Wake up to realize it’s your baby. You’re the founder. Which makes you the leader... Entrepreneurs who succeed spend time with personal development… It still amazes me how many business owners who actually have good ideas with the ability to execute them — crash and burn because of their own dysfunction”.

Suzzanne Laidlaw loves coaching business owners who are passionate about their company/ industry, it makes a big difference to the morality of the company and the enthusiasm of those within. Unfortunately this is not enough for a company to survive and/or be profitable, you need to have a solid business plan that can guide your business to maximise profits. These two factors combined though… Bingo! Imagine starting the New Year with a revitalised energy and being excited to reach the goals you have set. Suzzanne Laidlaw can definitely help you with that business plan, but you can’t be coached to get motivated, you need to do that yourself! Whether it be from creating your plan, a personal factor or just amping yourself up, please step back, think get excited about your business coming into the New Year, it will make a huge differed to YOU and your company!

If you are someone who would like to nail their business plan by the end of the year, please contact Suzzanne Laidlaw, Business Coach now:

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