Time Management is Crucial

We can alter and change the way our business operates quite easily. We can employ new people, we can move premises, we can totally rework our business model, but there is one factor that we don’t have control over in business and everyday life. Time. Time is extremely important in the business world, ‘Time is Money’ and ‘Money is Time’.

The more time that passes is not aligned with how much money you make…But it can be. How you manage your time is extremely important when it comes to business. You can’t change how many hours are in a day, but you can utilise those hours and optimise how productive they are.

So why is time management so important? If you have better control over your time and have mapped out what you should be doing every hour / day (which ever suits your schedule better) you WILL stay on task. There is nothing more satisfying than completing everything you set out to do that day. This also means that when you have deadlines for certain tasks that unnecessarily take you longer than they should, you will get them done in a certain timeframe and therefore you are using your time more efficiently and achieving everything in half the time it would usually take.

Business Coaches such as Suzzanne Laidlaw always see business owners struggle with decisions that wouldn’t be an effective use of time in their business. Whether the choices you take are positive or negative, they will shape the future of your business, so these choices should be based on a solid foundation that they are a productive use of time. The more business you get and the more your business grows will allow more room for careful consideration. Owning a business can be a tough role but sometimes you have to be tough and make decisions based on what is going to be more efficient for your company.

Owning a business is tough, but most of all it can be very stressful. Time management is a helping aid in stress management. One of the main reasons a business owner may be stressed is due to having to complete a task by a certain time, a time-frame that might seem very unobtainable. If you have worked these tasks into your schedule, and stick to schedule, you will see that completing a task before a deadline becomes easy. You will also be able to keep track of the quality of each project you are working on, they will no longer be rushed and of a lower quality, you will have more time to focus on the quality of your work.

Business Coaches are a great way to keep on task. I see Suzzanne Laidlaw following up clients every day to make sure they’re following through with their goals and tasks. The clients who follow through are always the ones who succeed. Another way of staying on track in the long-run is creating a Business Plan. I’ve seen first-hand how creating and following a solid Business Plan can totally transform the structure and efficiency of a business.

If you are in need of a Business Plan and/ or a Business Coach to keep you accountable for your goals and tasks, please don’t hesitate to give Suzzanne Laidlaw a call on 0414 943 823 or give us an email suzzannelaidlaw@actioncoach.com

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