Today’s Top 3 Tips

My dream is to help any local Perth business owners, whether they are a small or large organisation. Here are my top 3 tips!

Today’s Top 3 Tips:

My dream is to help any local Perth business owners, whether they are a small or large organisation. Through Action Coach, 1 on 1 coaching, or Action Club my passion is to encourage businesses to improve profit, performance, build teamwork, and reduce any interruptions and issues they may be facing.

Which brings me to my three tips for today.
Communication, Feedback and Delegation..

Communication: As a Perth business coach, I recognise that any great relationship is built on effective communication. First and foremost, I advise that the most effective managers are those that have a strong relationship with their team, knowing them exceptionally well.

Feedback: I will always recommend feedback to your team. I am constantly astounded by the lack of feedback managers give to their team. As a leader, you need to realise the importance of this, whilst refraining from praise, you can give your team step-by-step motivation and assistance on how they are doing. The purpose of coaching your team is to encourage improved effectiveness.

Delegation: As I have spoken of the importance of delegation before, it is important to know how effective delegating tasks to your team can be. A good manager has the ability to do so, without feeling a sense of guilt or trying to maintain a heavy workload whilst attempting to complete jobs on his or her own. Delegation creates future leaders and managers in your business, and gives your team authority and accountability. Try and remember that delegating is not only beneficial to you, but it is also beneficial to you team and their growth internally and externally.

If this all relates to you, please do not hesitate to give me a call on 0414 943 823 or email at for a casual catch up over coffee and to see if I can give you with any further business enquiries.

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