Our clients are our top priority; we pride ourselves on providing top quality service. Here, you'll find feedback from those who have entrusted us to help, so you can see first-hand what they think.

"It's a simple step, and one of the best investments you'll make. I have zero doubt it will pay dividends"

"The attendees from my April business planning workshop share their takeaways and explain why having a plan will help them achieve success."

"We now understand the data behind running our business. Having a business plan will help us to implement our strategies, and grow and improve going forward."

"Moving forward, having a business plan is a good thing to follow to make sure I succeed. Learning the ins and outs is great for new business owners."

"We got really clear on our goals and our three business owners could get on the same page. It's great to have one document to review and update regularly."

"The best thing is making the time to discuss our future plans and goals, a lot of what happens day to day is reactive so it's a massive benefit to put the time aside to lock in a plan."

"The work is absolutely methodical. It enables you to get a lot more clear direction around your own business, and where you are headed to in the future."

"The biggest takeaway is setting strategies and putting a date on them so I can work out a realistic timeframe to get things done."

"By being at this workshop, we've realised the planning that's needed to provide and feed a successful company."

"The biggest benefit was working backwards to fill in the gaps and figure out the steps that I need to take to achieve my goals."

Our latest business planning graduates say they now have a well structured business plan, with support and accountability to reach their goals

The two day business workshop has been an eye opener. I have really learned a lot.

I've found it really positive and it's been a really worthwhile experience.

The biggest benefit is the reassurance and confirmation that we're heading in the right direction.

I felt it really tangible and relevant and applicable to our business.

"The number 1 benefit is getting everything out of your head and onto paper, and having a clear understanding of where your business is going."

"Awesome value for money. If you want to do well in business, this is the place to be."

“I tried writing a business plan myself but realised I don’t know what I’m doing; Suzzanne has a wealth of knowledge and it’s so worth the money.”

"Suzzanne's the captain that drives our ship. For any business owners who don't have a coach, they're selling themselves short."

"Suzzanne's very open and honest... it's good to have someone looking in from the outside"

"Through working with Suzzanne, our business has grown by 4 times, we've gone from 4 staff to 13 and are now negotiating a profitable sale"

"Having a plan means that you have something that can be used for your business... a way of knowing where you're going to and what your goals are."

"The biggest benefit has been the financial planning aspect, to understand my position now and where I want to be in the future."

"It showed me what I didn't know about my business and it is scary. If you want someone to get you moving Suzzanne Laidlaw is the one."

"It opened my eyes up to the real world. I now know what I am doing and I know I am on track. Failing to plan is planning to fail."

"Your direction becomes absolutely clear... your marketing strategies become clear. You know your numbers and what your aiming for."

"I haven't seen another tool that can bring so much together. You can tweak, adjust and do an analysis without it being a complex spreadsheet."

"The workshops covered a lot and now I have a clear structured goal. It's given me a lot to think about... I would highly recommended it."

"I'd recommend it for anyone who is embarking on a new journey. The tools used and the camaraderie makes it a thoroughly enjoyable experience."

"The workshop has helped us to identify our goals. It has helped to clearly define the ways we can achieve those goals."

"It is absolutely essential if you are thinking of going into business. It puts you on track and helps you plan for the future."

"When you have a plan it makes it easier especially, when you start turning over a large sum of money. It is good knowing where all your money goes."

"The biggest benefit has been setting clear goals. I would definitely recommend it, its been a big eye opener."

"The best thing is having more of an understanding of the business. We are able to fill in the gaps and give ourselves more choices."

Part of the reason I have never really done anything is because I have never written it down. Having it all down is great.