Manage Your Time or It Will Manage You

Accept – you will never be able to do everything you want… because there is just too much to do.
Purpose – the driving force behind managing your time is to accomplish your ultimate goal/s.

FOUR SKILLS required to use your time wisely  - Analysis, Planning, Delegation, Self management

THE PROCESS for success

What to do

  • Spend your time doing what is key to the success of your business
  • Work on tasks that can only be done effectively by you. (4 “D’s” — Do it…. Delegate it….Defer it….or Dump it)

When to do

  • Plan your time/ organise your work schedule so that you are never working the issues that fall into the two “Not Important” categories.

How to do (organize)

  • Create a “template” schedule for each time period – month/week/day – which allocates time periods for specific types of tasks. Ex: travel to customers, return/place phone calls; do quiet work, organize paperwork, read.
  • Tool – Time blocking chart
  • How to do (discipline)
  • The key to efficient use of time is planning
  • Work from lists & mark the items for priority (a,b,c) -
  • Tool – Daily, Weekly lists


For efficiency

  • Do it in advance — Friday night or weekend for next week; the night before, for the next day, rather than the morning of.
  • Gather your materials in advance, so can “hit the ground running”

For motivation

  • Put as much on your list as you can, momentum gained as you check off
  • When large projects, break them into small steps so you can see progress.

For effectiveness


  • Incremental progress is key. So for projects, “divide to multiply”.
  • Start now, step by step.
  • Do the toughest things first, stops procrastination you’ll feel great… therefore…you’ll be inspired to do everything else required for the day
  • Delegate.
  • Include scheduled time in your plan to oversee/ train/ obtain & review reports on the work you have delegated.
  • Do not slip into the habit of doing it.
  • If you schedule on importance not urgency –the urgent will almost never occur!

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