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Phil & Cathy - P&C Fencing Co.

Phil and Cathy had been running their fencing business for many years at a loss and they were at their wits’ end when they came to me for help. They said that things needed to change, or they would be forced to close their business.

We identified their biggest challenge was inconsistent cashflow, due to their clients not paying on time (or not paying at all). To add to this situation, they were in an industry which was ‘on its knees’.

With no marketing plan in place, or website, they were not even sure of their target market. Their answer was simply,

“We don’t care who our clients are, as long as they pay on time.”


It was time to develop some strategies that would give them back control of their business.

  • We looked deeper into the customers they already had and found a pattern that some clients were better to deal with than others.
  • We identified the similarities between those clients and started actively focusing on that target market and built a website to attract those types of clients.
  • Getting clear on the problems their target market was facing, we then depicted how Phil and Cathy’s business could fix those problems and described this clearly on their website and on other marketing platforms.
  • Once we knew what this target market wanted, we researched what else we could supply to the same market and found there were other products that could easily be added to give Phil and Cathy an edge over their competitors.

Based on the credibility Phil and Cathy already had with their existing customers, it wasn’t hard to increase their product range, and it even reduced the administration required, as they started buying from just one supplier instead of two.

The results

Twelve months later, their sales and cashflow increased dramatically and their debtors (people who owed them money) decreased, along with their stress levels.

They no longer felt sick in the stomach about where they were going to get the money to pay the wages – all from simply identifying and honing in on the target market they wanted to service.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our client.

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