Winner of the Global Leader in Business Planning 2021

Seven years ago, Brad Sugars, founder of ActionCOACH Global, said something that shook me. He said, “All good business coaches ensure that their clients have a solid business plan for success.” At that stage, none of my clients did – or, certainly not anything comprehensive.

When Nic Clark developed his PlanningCLUB platform, I set about learning how to positively impact the trajectory of business planning so people can truly align their vision with their goals, numbers, strategies and actions to build the business and life of their dreams.

Business planning allows me to guide business owners through the proactive process of analysing and developing their business from the ground up, which has not only transformed the way I coach but more importantly transformed the way they run their business.

I am honoured to be recognised again this year, as the Global Leader in Business Planning out of over 1,000 coaches in over 80 countries worldwide.

This award is particularly valued this year, as I – together with my clients (and the world) – have had to turn our businesses around to adapt in uncertain times with a pandemic and the constant need to be agile.

Thank you to my clients, colleagues and support system who have allowed me to positively impact and help more businesses this year through planning, which is so close to my heart and aligns with my own passion and pursuit of becoming a Millionaire of Hearts.

Here I am, humbly standing with my award in hand, as my tribe at WA Leaders congratulated me on my achievement at yesterday's event – Thank you! (and thanks Sachi Kotecha for the photo!)

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